How To Increase Your Instagram Audience In 2018

How To Increase Your Instagram Audience In 2018

As Instagram is considered as one of the best ways to market your business over on Instagram with 700 Millions of active users on it. It is one of the loving social media platforms. Having an audience in large amount on Instagram means more chances of getting leads for your business, Having strong community and reputation of the brand and also more views on your blog. There are beginners who doesn’t know how to play with instagram, so read this guide of how to increase your instagram audience in 2018.

Instagram can be highly-targeted, visual advertising channel for your brand So, use it correctly and also in a good way.  It was also discovered that Instagram provides brands with 30% more engagement with all other social media platforms i.e Instagram is a prime channel for building your brand and your business.

If you are also looking for ideas which help you grow your business over Instagram then don’t waste your time in following the footsteps of those peoples who succeed. Discover your own way with the help of these points.

How to Increase Your Instagram Audience in 2018, Here Are The 11 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Audience :

By Creating Theme

By creating a theme is the best strategy which is particularly Important for Instagram. The one of the best thing to achieve this is that by remaining consistent with the composition of your photo. The first thing which affects itself is photo – Like what is it’s subject and how it’s framed. Think of someone other’s Instagram feed in that feed you didn’t just see their most recent posts but you will also be able to see many of them in a grid. And that’s why it is so important to create a cohesive theme so that it can make your Instagram feed looks and feel like a visual marketing platform.

How To Increase Your Instagram Audience In 2018 - Theme

The next way is to edit that photo by using the same set of two or three filters into your posts and they will help you in creating a consistent visual theme and which make your profile much more enticing to reaching to the more potential followers. 


This is also one of the best ways to boost your Instagram content calendar by posting the quote on it. Quotes were an easy thing to engage users towards yourself.

Find those quotes that are relevant to your target market and this will be a great way to establish your business image and personality. If they find something good into your quotes for which they were looking for then they will follow you because they find that thing in your quotes or they will relate to your post.

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Content posting is a great source for you targeted marketplace and also a key factor and plays an important role in growing your Instagram followers. You can find great quotes on Pinterest as Pinterest is also known as the great source for finding a quote which is related to your business and target market.

By Using Right Hashtags

Your motive on Instagram should be engaged more and more audience with you. By posting new things, Interesting and engaging things will satisfy your 1st requirement but with these things including hashtags into your posts is extremely important. Hashtags will help your photos to reach to those peoples which are searching for that particular hashtag/terms.

How To Increase Your Instagram Audience In 2018 tags

As same like Twitter and other social mediums, many of the peoples use certain hashtags over others but if you use the Instagram Right Hashtags with your photos or posts then chances of your post or photos will increase in terms of reaching to the new audience or new users.

Hashtags Like:

  1. #beautiful (367,636,422 posts).
  2. #fashion (351,195,493 posts).
  3. #follow (311,454,486 posts).
  4. #instadaily (258,189,528 posts).

 Instagram Stories

If you don’t try Instagram stories then don’t delay and start using it now and do it in a right way. Make your first story like hello to your Instagram followers and put a sticker and post it for them to see. After the launching of an Instagram in the year 2006 Instagram stories have been made a  huge hit. Instagram stories were the great way to give your audience in a peek into what goes on behind the scenes.

To increase the followers on your Instagram profile you have to add some creative Instagram bios, so it will attract more followers as well. The effective Instagram bio will boost the exposure to another level.


Changement is the universal part of the world. As Instagram is also changing time to time. Instagram change allow a minute-long video gives your business a great opportunity to create videos about your products or service whatever you are selling and business.

Videos were an amazing part to grain followers because videos are more dynamic than a simple image – It’s eye-catching because when peoples see it in their feed it will animate. Create a video content that is exciting and engaging and it is a great way to grow more followers on Instagram.

Running Instagram Ads

Instagram ads is really a great tool which can help you to boost your current presence and your performance on the social platforms. Instagram ads campaigns will particularly help you to reach more peoples in your target market which are not interested in your products.

Instagram ads be a prime source to help you in gaining more followers.

Instagram ads were so precise and you can easily target your posts directly to those peoples which are interested in particular types of content, maximizing the change so that they will click through to your profile and follows you on Instagram.

Try Tagging Influential Accounts

Tagging of an influential account is also a great way to gain Instagram followers. I have seen many peoples which grow their Instagram followers by tag to the influencers or relevant accounts in their photos or posts. Basically, this is not for about notifying them or something drawing their attention towards your photo or your post.

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Instead of this, It’s for increases the chances that the peoples who follow them will also see your photo into their feed and Instagram is more likely to deem your photos more relevant to their Interests. If you have a great content strategy then peoples who see your photos will more likely to follow you as long as they love the things which you are posting on your Instagram account.

By Scheduling Your content

Peoples had a shortage of time in today’s world. Social media marketing can’t be a burden sometimes so we don’t need to pretend that. All your digital marketing tasks like running ads, the creation of your landing pages, or what you are doing from creating content to posting on Instagram every day can be time-consuming.

To get out from this and save your time you should employ a tool like Buffer or Later to plan the post of your contents in days or even weeks in advance including all your edits and captions so that you can publish them later at a date. Maintaining a post and scheduling of that post is one of the best ways to make sure that your Instagram followers continue to grow.

Comments Responding

Comments responding is also one of the best ways to gain some Instagram brownie coins and maybe also followers. when Instagram users comment or engage on your photos or posts then make sure that you should take some time to reply back, especially if the user is showing interest in your products.

Make sure that you reply directly to the peoples who leave the comments by @mentioning them. If you take out some time to check their profiles or accounts and like or comments something on their photos or posts or even follow them then the chances to get followers will be automatically increased.

By Doing Co-promotions

As you know that “SHARING IS CARING”! Look for the influential brands which are present within your industry with those products that complement yours. By doing co-promotions is the best thing for the purpose of introducing your product to your partner’s marketplace and vice versa. This is one of the best and great thing because their target market is comprised of those peoples who are likely fall into your targeted market as well and also based on their interests. This is the good way for you to reach a previously untapped portion of your target segment.

By Giving Giveaways

Nowadays giveaways were also performing well on Instagram and these are one of the most prominent types of marketing in today’s world. It’s very simple to put together and highly engaging. Giving businesses is an easy way to increase their reach and spread the awareness of their products to the potential customers. In order to do this thing you have to post an attractive image of the product and mentioned that you are giving away and lines of simple rules – I suggest requiring peoples to follow you an leave a comment and also tag their friends un the comments sections.

This will help you I growing your Instagram followers and spreads the contest to the other peoples which are likely to enter as well. This is one of the great ways to grow your Instagram followers.


Gaining followers on social media is one of the toughest work, You can’t acquire followers easily towards yourself on Instagram. There are the 11 awesome ways which can help you in growing your Instagram followers. It will feel great to see your social media followers were increasing day by day.

If you also have any strategies, experiences or tips in growing Instagram followers then I’d love to know about those in the comments section below! and let us also know how this guide “how to increase your instagram audience in 2018” sounds to you.

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