How to Report TRAI About Slower Mobile Data Speeds?

Getting slower internet connection on mobile very frustrating thing for the mobile users. Everyday, thousands of people using the internet and every month the rate of users growth increasing pretty fast. With the smart phones wide availability the data users growing than call makers but most frustrating thing is that the mobile users are not getting enough data speeds on from any network in India. Due to various reasons, even the rural area mobile consumers are also not getting enough data speeds. Comparing to other countries around the world, Indian mobile users getting very slow internet services everywhere.

Though people are complaining regularly to network service providers the situation wasn’t changed from few years. So, many people comprised to use the slower networks with dissatisfaction. To improve this situation TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) tried several methods with service providers but still the results doesn’t much impact.

Now, with initiation of several programs like Make In India, Digital India and other this is the time to change the gear in speeding the internet services across the India. To improve the internet speed across the all networks TRAI started to tests network speeds right from the user end by releasing an app called “TRAI MySpeed“.  Users have to download this application on their mobiles and send the report that collects the data speeds related information and sends it to TRAI.

If you are getting the slow speeds on your mobile, which was not as stated and promised by the network providers, failing to resolve the issue after several complaints then you must take this issue to TRAI. Instead of all this, if you are getting slow net speeds just download the application and send the test data to TRAI. TRAI will look after it, by doing this we continuously help ourselves and TRAI to change the internet speeds to atleast minimum levels.

How To Do It

  • Download “TRAI MySpeed” application from Playstore, install it.
  • Run the application,  tap on “BEGIN TEST”
  • App will run the test, if it prompts for “improve location accuracy” choose “yes”
  • After the test, you can see the actual test results which contains both upload and download speeds
  • Tap on Send to TRAI

thats it! report data sent to TRAI, there is menu below the test result which shows the history of your previous tests.

watch the demo here


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