How to Sneak Into An iOS Device without Possession


Are your employees misusing the company owned iOS devices? Are your fickle husband and teenage girl over possessed about their iPhone? Stop speculating and thinking all day long about what these guys are hiding from you. Fortunately, there are scores of mobile phone applications that allow the user to ethnically supervise the kids, spouse, and employees monitoring and taking control of their mobile phone devices running iOS. Once you install the spy software in your target iOS device, the information stored on that device is automatically uploaded to your account. As well as keeping tabs on the happenings, you can take over the target device and perform several functions on it without having any physical contact. Given is a complete guide on how you can control an iPhone or iPad using a few top-notch iOS monitoring software.

How to Spy On iOS Device

First, find a reliable and feature-rich monitoring application that worth your money as TheOneSpy is. Once you catch a suitable cell phone spy software compatible with your target device, install it on the iOS device you want to monitor. Some spy apps require your target phone to be jailbroken, so make sure you jailbreak your device before installation process. Once the installation is complete, you can enjoy the perks of your iOS monitoring app.

Take Control of Camera and Microphone of the Device

The iOS monitoring software allows the user to get control of the rear and front camera of the target device. If your kid is having a night out with his buddies, you can use his smartphone camera to take pictures and record videos of the surroundings. It will help you identify his whereabouts, as well as monitor his activities in that get-together. As well as camera, the microphone of your target’s device will follow your instructions. You can listen to and record the surrounding voices and sounds to find out what is your target talking about and with whom.

Spy on Phone Calls and Messages

You can read each text message received or sent from the targeted iOS device as well as the contact information of the sender and receiver of those messages. Similarly, you can listen to all incoming and outgoing live calls and record these calls to use them as evidence when required. The phone number and name of the person who has made the call or to whom the call is made can also be tracked.

Use GPS Location Tracker

Using the GPS location tracker feature, the user can find out the exact current location of the target as well as the complete travel report of the target in a week or longer. You can also mark the unsafe or safe areas so your kid’s smartphone alerts you as he enters the prohibited zone.

Take Over Photos and Videos Stored On the Device

If your husband has hidden photos of his new love affair somewhere in his iPhone, or your teenage boy has some inappropriate images stored on his device, you can discover all those photos with the iOS spy app. The photos, videos, voice recordings and all sort of multimedia files saved or deleted from the iOS device can be retrieved within a few seconds.

Control the Functionality of Phone and Apps

There are a few monitoring software that allow you to control the apps installed on the target device. With these spy apps, you can start and pause an application; block and unblock an app, and even uninstall an unwanted application. It is in your control when to lock or unlock the target device, block texting and calls, and restrict internet access.

Monitor Social Media and IM Apps

You can monitor the activities performed on almost each social media and the instant messaging app installed on the targeted iOS device. The conversation made through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber, and photos shared on Instagram and Snapchat can be watched out.  

The Bottom Line

If you feel concerned about your significant ones who stay stick to their iPhone screens for long, there is nothing strange. While the technological advancements have exposed us to several vulnerabilities, it has also empowered us to ensure the security of our loved ones even when we are away.     


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