Is Your System Having These Basic Security Measures?

Is Your System Having These Basic Security Measures?

There are billions of desktops getting hacked everyday around the globe because of vulnerabilities in the systems. Most of them are windows based systems, these windows based devices, desktops, laptops and servers are left with several loopholes left open. Often most of the computer users think that having an antivirus or installing an antivirus protects them from viruses but its not work as expected. Protecting a system starts from fresh installation of any OS, in this article the discussion focus specially on windows OS based devices.

We utilize PCs for everything from saving money and contributing to shopping and speaking with others through email or visit programs. In spite of the fact that you may not consider your correspondences “top mystery,” you likely don’t need outsiders perusing your email, utilizing your PC to assault different frameworks, sending produced email from your PC, or inspecting individual data put away on your PC.Interlopers might have the capacity to watch every one of your activities on the PC, or cause harm to your PC by reformatting your hard drive or changing your information.

Shockingly, interlopers/hackers/intruders are continually finding new vulnerabilities to misuse in PC programming. The multifaceted nature of programming makes it progressively hard to completely test the security of PC frameworks. So, it is necessary to have minimum security measurements for each PC. So, in this context lets see what are most basic security measurements required for any PC.

Install latest Updates for Your OS

First and foremost thing you have to do is to install updates released for your OS, these updates includes many security fixes, security updates and definitions. These updates comes with bundles of patches for current OS, system UI related updates, registry fixed and many more under the hood functionalities. Either you can keep automatic updates on or you can manually install the updates whenever you have time. For setting up manual or automatic updates you need to reach control panel settings.

Is Your System Having These Basic Security Measures_windows update

  • type “update” in start menu in windows 7/windows 8, 8.1/windows 10
  • then choose “windows update”
  • change settings
  • install updates automatically or else if you are chosen manually earlier then choose check for updates and install the updates

Turn Off AutoPlay

Auto play is an option built in windows to open the files directly with supportive application when you connect media device like memory sticks, pen drives, CD’s, DVD’s and card readers. This features reads the files in the media device and opens them with appropriate application already installed in your system. for example if memory stick connected to system contains the music files then autoplay feature will read the files and shows music player application to open the music files. so that files can directly opened in music player.

Is Your System Having These Basic Security Measures_auto_play

The disadvantage with this feature is when the connected media contains malicious files inside it, the files could be read directly those malicious files could infect the system. There are thousands of malicious virus, malware files which can infect’ at instant, when you connect the infect media to the system in such cases the auto play makes the job easier for virus files. If you turn off the auto play option then the files wont be read directly, you can have a choice scan the infected media with anti-virus application to remove the virus files, malware files or any other threats.

Create a Restore Point

A restore point is a spared “depiction” of a PC’s information at a particular time. Restore focuses are a segment of the Windows System Restore utility. By making a restore point, you can spare the condition of the working framework and your own information so that if future changes cause an issue, you can restore the framework and your information to the way it was before the progressions were made.

Is Your System Having These Basic Security Measures_restore point

At the point when a restore point is set up, your PC makes a reinforcement duplicate of all information at that specific time. The conceivable sorts of restore focuses are: framework checkpoints, which are booked restore focuses that your PC makes; manual restore focuses, which the client makes; and establishment restore focuses, which are naturally made when you introduce certain projects.

Install Anti-Virus

Antivirus (or against infection) programming is utilized to protect a PC from malware, including infections, PC worms, and Trojan steeds, hardware related infections and adwares. Antivirus applications and programs may likewise expel or anticipate spyware and adware, alongside different types of vindictive projects. Free antivirus programming for the most part just inquiries your PC utilizing mark based identification which includes searching for examples of information that are known not identified with effectively recognized malware. So, it is recommended to install an anti-virus to protect your pc from various kinds of dangerous virus programs.

Install Web Protection and Surf Safely

Web dangers have expanded in the course of recent years. From phishing destinations to drive-by downloads, the risks have never been more noteworthy nor more pressing. To stay safe, you have to ensure you have progressed malware security set up alongside data transfer capacity checking, content sifting, and then some. Having a good anti-virus is not enough when you internet connection and you surf the internet. There are thousands ways the intruders use the internet to hack your pc from any where in the world, to protect yourself from various kind of threats comes from internet, day by day the hackers are using most advanced techniques and algorithms to infect the targeted systems. It is so essential to have a web protection application installed on the windows system to surf securely on the internet.

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