KuaiFit App and Headphones Review, Personal Trainer. Is it Worth?

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The primary thing that strikes you when opening up the Kuaifit box is the extent of the earphones, and they’re immense. This has to do with Kuaiwears choice to empower changes to the pulse, plan and in-flight program and music without the requirement for an application, more on this in a moment, yet the consideration of physical switches is an appreciated one. The extensive circle fits cozily over your ear (pardon my ear and silver hair in the image), and I couldn’t resist feeling that these would look extraordinary next time I was to get acclimatized by the Borg.

A decent match of games earphones should have the capacity to impact out your tunes to keep you persuaded, isn’t that so? All things considered, the KuaiFit earphones are shockingly full-highlighted. The earphones have 8GB of memory inbuilt, enough for 1,500 melodies (more than adequate for an Ironman assemble), however it can likewise effectively stream music over Bluetooth. When the tunes are wrenching through the earphones, they give clear sound, high volume, and strong bass. Something that is critical when you’re endeavoring to impact out 150 BPM running bangers. By and large even without the preparation capacities, these are a strong arrangement of games earphones.

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One thing to think about is that the majority of the earpieces for me as a rule shut out any outer sound. I wouldn’t fret this running. In any case, it made me feel awkward riding outside. Presently I’m not a major fanatic of riding with earphones at any rate, in any case, on the off chance that you do, best to keep one out.

Kuaiwear reveal to me they have different earbuds accessible to help pick the measure of commotion let in. They were absent on the audit unit, but rather do the trick to state they should give you some authority over the clamor.

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Expressed recess is 7 hours, and I found that the be basically slam into, so props there. 

An imaginative element in the incorporated pulse screen (HRM) inside the earphones themselves. It’s a fascinating choice to do as such, and I at first considered how it could create an exact estimation given the position. In any case, the science underpins it consistently and precisely caught my maximum pulse and in-flight pulse as precisely as my Garmin does. When you are prepared to go, you simply select the movement utilizing your controls and begin the session utilizing either the earphones independent or by means of the portable application.

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Once in a session, you utilize the catches as an afterthought to modify pulse zones with the headphones giving continuous criticism regarding where you are presently are against the zones. On the off chance that a preparation plan is set up, it will progressively range and caution you in the event that you are over performing or failing to meet expectations.

The earphones likewise go about as an ANT+ collector, naturally identifying ANT+ gadgets close to the unit and introducing them by means of the portable App. There is no real way to set up a manual paring, which is a gigantic oversight by Kuaiwear – it gives us a sign with regards to the objective market. More on this later.

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The Kuaifit ear telephones likewise send information by means of ANT+ and Bluetooth, permitting Gym hardware and Garmin gadgets to utilize the headphones as a pulse screen. A cool component that could possibly observe you evacuating the need of a devoted Heart rate screen.

  • These headphones are capable of Heart rate, Speed/Pace, Distance, Laps, Steps, Cadence, Calories, V02Max, Power and Duration. All these measures can be calculate while running or cycling.
  • These headphones support fitness operations such Run, Cycle, Gym, Walk, Fitness, Yoga, and Snow skating.

Build Quality

KuaiFit Head phones are build with almost everything plastic. Holding the headphones in hands give you completely plastic feel, however the build quality is good enough to be a durable product. There is tiny menu navigational physical key and buttons on both ear buds. The navigational key guides to navigate to different menu options, the key can be operated with one or two fingers as it is bit small play around.

There are directional navigation physical buttons on beside the main physical navigation key. Flexible arms are made out from soft rubber’s material to be flexible to twist and that is good and fits very well for ears.

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Additionally we got ear buds for different ear sizes. The USB charger cable could have been bit longer like mobile charger but its ok.

Overall , in terms of build quality the KuaiFit Sport Headphones are decent enough to be durable for a good amount of time.

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KuaiFit sports coach headphones offers multipurpose features, it is lives to it. I love the way they designed as no phone needed to operate method. In general if you are using any Bluetooth headset to enjoy the music or any other kind of streaming services it must need to get connect to phone. KuaiFit default comes with 8GB memory to load voice instruction of fitness courses, music files, streams and other audios. So, there is no need to carry mobile phone to enjoy music.

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KuaiFit App

All you need is to download the audio fitness coaching plans and they will get store in headphones internal memory. Entire workout data can be exported in two different formats. You need to install KuaiFit on your mobile in order to get the training plans on your headphones, connect the headphones to the phones via Bluetooth. KuaiFit app contains different physical activity training plans; there are some free plans available too. You need to create an account and login into KuaiFit account on your mobile to keep track of all workout data and training plans.

The app gives you exactly what you need, there are number of voice coaching courses available from different physical trainers from around the world. You can select of your choice and pay for the course. 

The app is so easy use, simple navigation, easy course findings, adding course your account is simple and overall the app design and navigation is good enough. However, I found that app crashed few times when I tried to open, same experience with desktop version applications too.

Recently, I have re-installed the app and tested again. I found that app works now more smoothly. Overall I am satisfied with app performance.

KuaiFit Headphones 

Headphones are so good. I love the build quality of it. As mentioned earlier most of the headphones body was made of plastic. KuaiFit designers made these headphones in such way that it perfectly fits into every one’s ear. The flexible arms on earphones help us to adjust the ear buds into our ears properly.

The audio was clear, bass is good, music can be enjoyed on this earphones. Audio voice coaching, fitness tracking, heart rate sensor and tracking of my every physical activity so good in this headphones.

In overall performance I found the KuaiFit headphones with smart coaching are better than other headphones which are under this category.

I will do more testing on these headphones soon and post in depth review soon. Hope you guys found this review helpful like other reviews on website. Catch you in the next article.


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