Leaf Sport Wireless Earphones ~ Review

Leaf Sport Wireless Earphones Review 6

Geeky M here again with a new review. Today, I am going to give Leaf Sport Wireless Earphones review. Few days back I have review Leaf Wireless earphones on our blog and many of you loved it. Now most of the people prefer to use wireless earphones than wired earphones. Many of my friends also started using wireless earphones instead of wired earphones. The reason behind it, the wireless earphones offer more flexibility, easy to use, look stylish and long call talking are more convenient now.

Leaf Sport Wireless Earphones ~ Review

Today we are reviewing one of such headphones from Leaf Earphones. Leaf Sport Wireless Earphones comes with features like deep bass, sports specialized and sweat proof. These earphones are based on Bluetooth version 4.1. Let’s get started with the review.

What’s in the BOX

  • Black Leaf Earphones sport type
  • USB charger
  • Documentation paper stuff
  • Extra earbuds
  • Pair of Ear hooks
  • Holder
  • Warranty card


  • Sports friendly
  • Light weight
  • Hands free mic
  • Supports calls
  • Stereo Surround
  • Sweat proof
  • Supports A2DP, AVRCP, HSP and HFP.
  • Distance up to 10m
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Crafted in india
  • Sports ear Hooks
  • Matte and Glassy finishes
  • Soft ear buds

Leaf Sport Wireless Earphones Review 1

Quality and Performance

Most of the earphones body is made with plastic and finished with matte effect. The earphones are very light in hands. The material of the wire is bit average; I feel the wire should be more protective. Buttons are plastic and very good to operate; the body build around the buttons is very strong. I love the way they made the ear hooks, both sides ear hooks are very flexible to adjust. Fits easily into ears.Leaf Sport Wireless Earphones Review 5

The main body that connects ear hooks and earphone is solid and it’s good. Apart from thickness of wire, everything in the earphones is value for money. They are durable and tough enough to stay long.

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Leaf Sport Wireless Earphones Review 3

Coming to performance of the earphones, Leaf sport wireless earphones come with deep bass. When you wear these earphones, even without playing any audio in earphones the most of the outside noises are filtered. Connecting with Bluetooth is not big task, just turn on your earphones and search for them in mobile Bluetooth settings. The pairing is quick.

Leaf Sport Wireless Earphones Review 4

I tested the earphones with Dolby, Surround and different audio styles for my surprise the headset was awesome. The sound was great! I enjoyed listening the music and watching movies with this headset. I found watching HD movies with headphones either on mobile or tab or Laptop is great experience.

Finally, I must say these Sport ear phones are complete pack for a musical lover who loves to wear the earphones outside and while going jogging. The ear hooks designed around the earphones are absolutely greatly holds to ears and gives firm grip around your neck too.

Leaf Sport Wireless Earphones Review 2

  • Google assistant working with Bluetooth head
  • Whatsapp call, Skype, general calls are clear and mic pickup is good
  • Punchy and clear beats are very audible
  • Volume levels and bass are more than enough! Kudos for this point
  • Tested Dolby, surround, 3D audio and other special audios and sound is amazing
  • Light weight
  • Outside noise is completely inaudible while listening to music
  • While walking and jogging, ear-hooks held the earphones decently
  • With one single charge I have used it for 1 single day playing music, games, watching movies with small breaks in between


  • Price is bit high
  • Made completely out of plastic
  • No water proof, its just sweat proof
  • NO magnetic locks, they falls off easily if not connected to ear

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