Mark Where You Parked ~ GMaps Adds Simple Yet Great Feature

Google Maps is including a little, yet exceptionally helpful component that gives clients a chance to record where they parked the vehicle. Accessible on both Android and iOS, the component can likewise give suggestions to when you’re stopping meter is going to lapse.

Tapping the blue spot that denote your present area raises a menu with another “Save your parking” choice. Once spared, a green spot with a “P” will show up on-screen.

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Clients can tweak the address, compose parking notes, and include how much time is left by tapping the round marker. The screen that flies up additionally enables clients to share that area and add pictures to additionally recall where they parked. The time left element consequently incorporates a 15 minute update.

Once finished with the parking area, clients can come back to that screen to clear it. On the other hand, including another parking update will naturally erase the past one.

On iOS, the manual “Set as parking location” section supplements a current programmed stopping location ability. This smart component works when you combine a telephone to an auto by USB or Bluetooth. At the point when the association is impaired, Maps will naturally take note of the area.

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