Mogo Travel Headset Review ~ Sharpest Movie Experience?

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Previously i reviewed Movie Mask Premium Complete 2D Cinematic experience on the go which was the awesome gadget for anyone who wants to have completely unique cinematic experience without going to movie theatre actually. Today I am reviewing another similar headset for watching movies, live streams, drone videos and other sorts of video experiences, produced by cinema2go called Mogo Travel Headset (Mogo- Movie on the go). While reviewing movie mask I enjoyed the gadget and that was the cool experience. I hope this gadget gives better review experience, so without further do let’s dig into the mogo travel headset review for the sharpest movie experience. 

Mogo Travel Headset Review

Mogo travel headset is designed to provide complete cinematic experience on the go, it is similar to VR headsets and other entertainment-related headset but completely dedicated for sharpest cinema experience on the move. You can use it at home or while moving or you can watch drone video recordings on alive, as per description while using this headset, users would be also aware of surrounding situations.

Inside the Mogo Travel Headset Box

The package box is well strong enough to carry the mask safely to us, after unboxing it I found the main Mogo travel headset, paper stuff, yellowish cleaning cloth and soft cloth made carry bag.

  • Mogo Travel Headset along with the head strip
  • carry bag
  • cleaning cloth and paper stuff.
  • additional case to adjust smaller length mobile device

Design & Build Quality

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In our long testing review found that the quality of the mogo travel headset is good but not premium, the front body made out of the strong plastic. The complete headset comes in fold shape to fit in hands and package. Found slight built quality change in front panel and side panel material standards. According to the designers “MoGo is based on aspherical-prismatic lenses releases the eyes and providing the perception of 100-inch tv from 2m distance.”. At different positions on main, back head strips two plastic plates inserted for strong support. 

They developed the headset in minimal foldable design and it is very interesting. Along with headset, another plastic frame is given to place the smaller mobile devices like 4 to 4.5 inches devices in the headset perfectly. We can use with any regular media player app both on Android and iOS for viewing movies, TV shows,  Live streams, VR videos and Augmented Reality.

Overall the build quality of the headset, strips, body and lenses are fine enough. The unique folding design concept behind this makes it appear little lower range but while using it there are no such feelings. So, in terms of appearance, the designers could have taken the better look once. 

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Viewing Experience

Before testing the headset let me explain the setup of the headset for viewing the cinema. First unfolded the strips, push the side walls on the headset and arranged it as appearing in the above image. Make sure the side walls are locked perfectly to the main front panel, then a 5.5 inch mobile device inserted in the portion given at the front and its perfectly fits in. Use plastic frame given additionally for inserting lower size devices. Unlock your mobile device and insert into the headset. On the top area was closed with a black cloth based door to follow the foldable concept it is based on.

We tried this headset with Chinic Bluetooth Earphones for good sound experience. We recommend using the headset with Bluetooth earphones for the better experience.

We reviewed similar kind headset from MovieMask people but there was is no comparison between both of these, however, we have small expectation levels from this headset. This is good headset cinema experience providing headset at the basic level but no much as expected. Easy to operate and can be touch controlled as there is no wall or closing portion at the bottom of the headset. The open area at the bottom provided for the touch controls is a good choice but at the same time it affecting the user viewing experience. The openness at the bottom allowing the outside light to enter into the headset which is quite uncomfortable. 

 I love the way they kept touch access but as I said, the light coming inside from out is a big drawback, Cant enjoy the complete cinematic experience. [Updated] There is separate cloth accessory given to block the light coming from outside but using the cloth can make direct touch control access bit difficult. The lens quality is good, viewing the movie on the go is completely an amazing experience. The mobile screen turns into big movie screen inside the mogo travel headset and gives completely theatric feel (Recommendation: use Bluetooth headset).

I found the screen looks crystal clear at the centre portion but at both edges, the screen turns blurry and the image gets yellowish shadows, that’s just disappointing for the users. Overall, Mogo travel headset is good for fun lovers but people who want to enjoy the cinematic experience at max level cant be happy with this.

Watching movies, streams, VR plays, TV shows and playing VR/AR games using these kinds of headset is the completely unique experience for everyone. Thanks for cinema2go people for sending this to me. In the simplest way, the mogo travel headset review is

  • Fun lovers can enjoy watching shows and other videos
  • Build Quality and overall comfortness is fine enough
  • Materials used for the product manufacturing are not great but good enough
  • Head strap is adjustable and was built by the high-quality material to make it
  • Best choice to watch the film sleeping and sitting position
  • Touch Screen access available to control the video plays
  • Situational awareness, important feature for people in public using MOGO
  • Easy to use
  • Foldable
  • Strong strip support
  •  [Updated] In technical:MOGO field of view is 60% more than that of MOVIEMASK – this is like to sit in 5th row of cinema-theater, so having much stronger optical magnification
  • In MOGO eyes convergence is more easy
  • The convergence comfort and bigger magnification is coming on account of edge image quality that is becoming blurry


Though mogo travel headset is a fine choice for fun lovers, there are some limitations/drawbacks occurred in our review. I hope the team will review these recommendations to improve them in next version.

  • Images/Video gets blurred at edges and yellowish shadow follows
  • Outside light entering into the headset makes the watch uncomfortable
  • Build Quality level can be improved
  • The issue with disturbing light is resolved
  • The strong magnification is very useful for drones photographers to see footage in details
  • The foldable structure enables easy usage of MOGO in commuting and for frequent fliers
  • The situational awareness enables the MOGO to be used in public

The review of the product purely a personal opinion of the reviewer,
after using the product for several days. It may differ from your opinions and links on the article may be have some affiliate links.

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