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Whatsapp getting better and better day by day. The Latest update from whatsapp brings a fantastic feature, which allows users to reply only to specific or selected messages in chats. This new feature helps us to reply to particular messages in chats. For example : if you are in group, the conversation has too many messages but you have to reply for only specific question or comment made on you, or correct the information of that particular part of the message. It was not possible in earlier version for whatsapp. So you have to manually type that message or copy message in your reply to highlight that you are replying to that particular message.



In this new update whatsapp makes the job easier for you, now you can reply easily to any message in the conversation with few taps, even now we can scroll up to that old message quoted with a singe tap. Thanks to whataspp for bringing great feature which makes the conversation more specific, more clear and with clarity. It looks so simple feature but it helps to avoid lot of confusions in chats either personal chat or group chats. Previously, whatsapp added featured which helps the users to highlight certain points by making the font look different in style(Bold, italic and strike thorugh) from the normal text. Now, this update keeps us more specific and clear in chats. So, how to achieve this in whatsapp?


  • To reply any specific message, tap and long press on that particular message
  • Tap on the reply button on the top of screen
  • Insert your message and tap send
  • The selected message viewed in “quoted text”, your reply placed under it
  • Any one can tap on that “quoted text”, to scroll back up to that message.

this feature will be available on android version of whatsapp 2.16.213 beta, soon it will be rolled out.

you can watch the demo of this in our video section Our video section

or watch directly here how to reply only to a specific message in whatsapp

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