Philips DJ SHL3000WT HeadPhone ~ PR

I purchased this headset six months ago and using it regularly till now. Earlier i used mostly in-ear headphones like Sony and Skull candy brands to enjoy the music. I thought to make my enjoy levels of music with more bass, clear and heavy DJ kind of feel but my budget was limited so made lot of searches online to get better-one under the budget. I found this entry level DJ headset from Philips on few online shopping portal and decided to purchase it. After using it regularly now i decided to write a review on this too.

Philips DJ SHL3000WT HeadPhone ~ Review

Grip & Material

Philips DJ SHL3000WT headset built with good plastic gives firm grip on the headset. Consider the budget you would not expect high end materials for this product but the plastic is ok! not bad at all. The material look shiny, finishing was pretty good and it doesn’t feel like plastic in our hands. the entire headset designed and made out of same plastic material. There is no issues in holding the headset while setting over your ears and taking off from them.img_20161023_142720_ao_hdr

Build Quality & Size

This headset reflects budget point in every aspect. Though it was plastic used, the build quality is fine enough. Accidentally i dropped them few times over 6 months usage but there is no heavy damage done to it. There were only few scratches made on them, the joints at ear-cups and arm of headset was secured enough. This Headset don’t cover your ear completely unless you have small ears in size. The other Dj headsets completely covers your ear and you wont feel the outside noises much but this headset does the job for you even if they are not covering the full ear. Once you start the music play, you wont even hear a bit of out side sounds, you live another musical world.


Jack Compatibility & Cable Length

It comes with a 3.5MM Jack pin which is compatible many electronic gadgets such as smartphones, tabs, laptops, music players, desktops, fm radio players, Mp3 Players, IPads and other music playable gadgets. I connected it to many mobiles phones and worked with most of them, even thought there few device which doesnt have music filters such as bass controllers, surroundings, pop, rock and other filters output was fine enjoyable for me. I enjoyed the DJ and thematic collections pretty much on this headset.


Another positive factor this headset is length of the cable, this has long enough 3.5mm jack cable which surprisingly 1.2 mtrs. I wasn’t expecting that long length cable, so we can do other jobs easily without any issues with cable. You connect to PC or Laptop and move little bit away from your desk place easily with this long cable.


Ear Cups & Sound Quality

The ear cups you get with headset are reversible it means you can adjust them with ease. They sit comfortably on your ears, the cushion pads have very soft feel. You can hear the music with single ear cup holding like DJ player because of its reversible design that’s another benefit. The cushion used is not enough thickness, on long usage you feel the pressure and pain on ears(personal experience). It would be so good if the cushion pads were little more dense and thick.img_20161023_143052_ao_hdr

As i was saying budget consideration in each detail, when it comes to sound quality you will forget all the above because it offers pretty good music outcome. The bass levels, sound quality, no surrounding disturbances, good magnets which produces super quality music. You can feel the every beat of the song in ear and heart, i personally enjoyed the listening music in the headset. i would recommend this if your budget is low but want to experience the bass based DJ and good music.

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The review is personal opinion of the author who used the product and giving the feed back. It may differ from your opinions

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