Prisma ~ Trending Photo Filter App Which Turn Images Into Spectacular Artistic Paintings

Have you ever needed to transform your photograph into an artistic creation? There are a lot of applications and Photoshop filters that can carry out the process doing it for you, but most of them are limited in functionality or gives low resolution or results comes with water mark embedded on it. This newly trending app created in Russia that transforms common cell phone shots into a craftsmanship. This is a one of a kind blend of  neural networks and AI that helps you transform important images and memories into ageless art creation. Using this app anyone can turn their boring and normal images into some fantastic artistic painting look like images.

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In Prisma, you can edit the already existing images on mobile memory or you can directly capture the app interface, the interface of the app is so easy to operate by one. Once opened the image in app you will see plenty of filtering option available to you in the library. As said earlier, you can catch pictures from the in-application camera application or pick any photo from your device’s Camera Roll. You can even modify, crop, zoom, turn the photograph and proceed onward the fundamental piece of selecting the masterpiece like channel.These filters gives you chance to turn the image into your favorite artist kind drawings. Once applied the filter you can customize the filter settings to adjust the levels of intensity, colors and other options.

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The app already gain too much name in the social media, however it is not available for android platform at present. In few days,  android version also becomes available. Mean while you can try this app on iOS platform. Prisma is available now in 25 countries around the world, recently the developers doubled the server capacity to handle the traffic coming in.

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