Reasons The Website Traffic Is Slow And How To Get More Readers


The impression of your website counts a lot. It is similar with a case like when you visit a shopping mall you are likely to enter to a shop that has beautiful window display. If your visitors are not impressed immediately with the home page of your website, they will leave and visit competitor’s sites. When you are doing online business you are competing with so many websites, so make sure your site stands out form those of your competitors. This piece will narrow on the reasons the website traffic is slow and how to get more readers.

The following are reasons why the website traffic is slow as well as how to get more readers through working on each element for your advantage.

Design and Load Time

If your website design is poorly done, you won’t get traffic faster as you expected. This will get worse if your website takes longer to load and does not contain useful information. It is important when coming up with your website to get the best design ever. This is what will make you flourish online and get your visitors to stay on your site for longer.

If your website is poorly designed consider redesigning it. You can do this by getting opinions from different people around you, do not entirely depend on your own design idea.


Poor Navigation

If your site is not easy to navigate through while looking for information the traffic you get will be less. A visitor wants to get the information they are looking for faster. So, if this aspect is not catered for by your website your visitors will find for other places to look for information. Make sure your navigation bars leads clearly to other pages of your website.

To keep your visitors satisfied when they visit your website always ensure that it is easy to navigate through it. It is only through clear pages pointers that your visitors can access the information they are looking for faster.

Poor Color Choice

Color is very subjective when coming up with your website. The colors you like might not get along well with your visitors. It is important you make sure you close check the website colors in your niche, to get an idea of what will be attractive to your customers. The colors that you select must harmonize with each other.

If the color of your website does not represent your business niche consider changing. No matter how much you invest on online market campaigns you won’t get traffic until you make the color choices well.


The other reason that might be driving traffic away from your website is poor content. Make sure the most important website content is above the fold. This means that it is visible and it can be seen with ease by visitors on the computer monitor. For example, look at the Edusson Help Guides platform with good design and quality content.

Make sure you write high quality and informative content. Search engines usually rank websites that have high quality and meaningful content highly. So, if the content you deliver is of low quality make sure you start delivering important information according to users needs.

To revisit the main ideas on alleviating your website traffic, review your current design. Ensure your web pages loads faster, it has an attractive appearance easy to read and it puts forward the benefits of the business upfront. If not make sure you come up with a user friendly website that will give an enticing first impression and not drive traffic away.

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