Reliance JIO Issues, Reasons, Rumors, Solutions ~ A Complete Guide

Since there is an huge demand for jio 4G sims/services all over India many people taking advantage of it to spread rumors, fake things and as we heard some individuals also trying to tricking normal users to collect money from them. So, we decided to highlight some key points to all the normal jio users who are unaware of few things in technical world which are becoming loop holes for the cheaters.


  • JIO facing high demand all over India, due to the overwhelming demand the stores are unable to supply sufficient number of SIM’s. However, JIO teams are trying hard to bring everyone on board slowly.
  • After getting SIM you need to wait for few messages like “your application accepted”, “your ready for tele-verification” and “your number 701xxxxxxx is activated”. this is step-by-step process & there are no short cuts for activation of SIM.
  • The Good news is that Jio teams started eKYC based 15 minutes activation procedure in random cities. In this process you will get the completely activated 4G sim in 15minutes and you can start enjoying the services instantly.
  • Those who doesn’t opt for eKYC process, has to wait for above mentioned messages.
  • Another issue is network speed, the network speeds are varying based on your geo location, we must understand that the infrastructure is still under testing mode so users may get different speeds in different localities. DO NOT trust the un-ethical tricks followed by few individuals.
  • Preview offer and welcome offer – every Old & New users migrated to welcome offer from early jio preview offer. Even though there are few tricks to achieve Preview offers like going back to old version of  “myjio” app, still offer is applied on every number from back end of the network.
  • Don’t worry about the dates, every user of JIO will get the welcome offer till last day of Dec-2016, so even if your app display early date don’t be surprise or feel worried.
  • its officially declared that under welcome complementary offer every day user get 4GB data freely, exceeding that limit the speed will be capped to 128kpbs.
  • Only one SIM will be given on one ID proof, even if you get the second SIM somehow it will be rejected in sometime.
  • Voice calls – the issue of call drops is still going as the competitive network providers are not ready to give the required infrastructure to incoming calls from JIO & vice versa for outgoing calls.


  • Do not share your personal details in social media for any help
  • Do not purchase SIM’s in black market as already JIO offering at free of cost & if you purchase it in balck market you may face problems in future.
  • Do not pay single penny to anyone for activation of SIM, Speed increases or any other issues related JIO. Contact customer care or Reliance Digital stores for solutions to your problems
  • Wait with patience for activation of SIM as the demand huge across the India, it takes time to get activated.
  • eKYC procedure gives you the SIM in few minutes so find out whether your nearest store has that eKYC procedure.
  • Go through all settings & guidance given by JIO teams and make sure everything finely setup in your device to use the jio 4G services
  • Voice calls can made directly if the device is VoLTE supported otherwise you have to use JIO JOIN apps to make calls, SMS. JIO JOIN app recently renamed as “Jio4GVoice”.
  • There are high chances of SIM application getting rejected if your ID proofs, Photos submitted doesn’t meet the specifications
  • If the SIM get rejected, reach the reliance digital stores for solution
  • if the Tele-Verification process went wrong(which means you entered wrong details), reach the reliance digital stores for solution or you can call customer care number. At present we suggest users to reach digital store or social media customer care pages for inquiries instead of calling customer care numbers which are extremely busy
  • Do not worry if the Plans shown 2GB limit, 100SMS and 100 calls, it will automatically upgraded to welcome offer soon so continue the usage


Note: the information provided above is purely based on experience of authors to guide the normal mobile users. 

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