Ripple Bluetooth Speaker ~ Review

Ripple Bluetooth Speaker ~ Review - speaker

Hello guys!! How are you doing my friends? Geeky M here again with another review! I got small speaker but it sounds greater than most of the 2.1 Speaker I have used. Today I am going to review Ripple Bluetooth Speaker from RNDAccessories which is NFC enabled. So, without further due let’s get started with Ripple Bluetooth speaker review.

Ripple Bluetooth Speaker ~ Review

Recently I have reviewed a Bluetooth mono mini speaker, R5 Pro Fitness tracker and a tripod+selfiestick which are amazing in their own range. From the day I received these Ripple Bluetooth speakers from RND accessories, was waiting eagerly test them because I am music lover + tech enthusiast. As a person who likes to listen to music with good bass and hittings, I hate to listen with earphone for a long period because they leave with pain after long listening. So, I always like hear the music speakers with good bass and high-quality audio streaming. I hope Ripple Bluetooth Speaker one such kind, without further late lets, dive into the review.

Whats In The Box

Inside the Ripple Bluetooth Speaker package, we got a Main Bluetooth Speaker, a black soft cloth based carrying bag, one charging USB cable, an AUX Cable and Manual paper stuff. 

Ripple Bluetooth Speaker ~ ReviewDesign and Build Quality

I wonder how would a 3 speakers system fits into this tiny box. Yes when you look at it, its tiny like a 5-inch mobile phone in size. The dimensions of the speaker are 115mm x 62mm x 56.2mm, in front, it has the rectangular shape at the rear it has rounded rectangular shape. The design is simple yet well crafted, it fits so well in your hands better than any other Bluetooth speakers. 

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It feels premium in hands with its fine finish, though its made of the plastic feel heavy in hands and a smooth rubber finish at sides and rear sides make it more attractive. ah! I love that smooth rubber finish. At the bottom, we have two thin legs on each side with rubber base for strong grip on any surface. 

When the Ripple Bluetooth Speaker turned on the front light lit up and blinks in two colours red and blue.

Ripple Bluetooth Speaker ~ Review design and build quality www.trendinginfo.netAt the rear, we have an opening for the subwoofer. The back of the Ripple Bluetooth Speaker has clean minimal design and all ports placed at the bottom with a clean look. As seen in the below image it has dedicated on/off button, charging port and AUX/IN jack port.

Ripple Bluetooth Speaker ~ Review - speaker rear view www.trendinginfo.netAnother good feature in this speaker I like about is a touch control on the top. Yes, it has a dedicated touch control on the up to adjust the volumes, turn on/off Bluetooth, take calls, to choose forward and previous tracks. I am amazed how well they put together 3 speakers with a touchscreen on top and strong build quality plastic material within this small size. That’s! just awesome. 

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We got good quality 3.5mm AUX cable and USB charging cable along with Ripple Bluetooth Speaker. Overall its perfect in the Build Quality, kudos to the team of RND Accessories.

Performance Overview

I Started playing with high string songs, the sound is good at a medium level and the volume levels at max are unbelievable, just amazing I felt like hearing from 2.1 Speakers. The front two speakers and subwoofer at rear pumping the beats perfectly, oh! i enjoyed the beats when I switched from traditional to bass beat songs.

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I am sure you will wonder how such tiny sized Bluetooth Speaker generating such high range music which can fill a big hall. It took between 45-90 minutes to get fully charged, played non stop 6+ hours. Though there is still some juice left in the battery of Ripple Bluetooth Speaker, I stopped! ah! who listen music such longer period continuously. 

NFC is another big feature added to this speaker, initial setup took bit time as I was connected another Bluetooth speaker!  I had to switch from speaker to “Ripple”. Once the speaker paired its get connected automatically when you are near to Ripple Bluetooth Speaker with NFC installed in the Ripple.

  • Superb Build Quality
  • Nice look & Feel
  • Powerful sounding though its tiny
  • Bass, treble and voice levels clear up to 80% volume levels
  • At 100% volume, it starts to jump like a kid because of bass beats, haha!!
  • Perfect for both Indoor and Outdoor listening
  • Connection range is good
  • NFC works fine
  • Strong Battery Backup
  • Works both Bluetooth and AUX cable
  • Can connect to PC, Laptop, Smartphones

Final Thoughts!!

This completely worth of the price, I definitely recommend this if you are looking for portable easy carry powerful Bluetooth speaker… Sounds are great! bass Beats are good!! Volume ranges are awesome.

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