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SEOMator ~ WebSite Auditing Tool ~ Complete Review (2)

Every website owner on the earth wants to see their website appear first on search engine results. Despite having high-quality content and HD images, posts won’t appear in the top positions of search engine results. There are tons of things matter in optimising the website to rank better in search results. Appearing on the first page of search results requires following certain strategies, guidelines, observations and implementing them without getting banned from search engines like google, yahoo, and bing.

On the web at present day, hundreds of free best SEO tools are available for various tasks that can be performed to boost SEO score. However, search engine optimisation is not an easy task to bring out the estimated results.

Never think that SEO is a single time task to do and leave it there to rank it better, you need to work with patience from scratch to final phase to get better boosting which lasts a long time. Continous smart work needed to done to stay on top.

When it comes check overall performance of the website and SEO analysis you need to special automated tools (SEO Analyst tools) to do such tasks, otherwise you may lose valuable time in generating the report for each sub SEO task using free tools on the web. Time is the money, here we are talking about an automated online tools which do the job for you the SEOMator. We have been using this tools for 3 months, so here is our SEOMato complete review of the tool!

SEOMator Review

Whats SEOMator for?

SEO Mator is a complete website auditing tool which crawls entire data available on website site for analyzing for optimisation and also fetches data for off-page and an on-page analysis. in simple terms, it’s a complete webmaster’s tool which helps to construct/re-construct website with minor issues and boost website SEO. Along with analysis this tool also allows generating different kinds of analysis reports to find out the critical errors on your website.

Why SEOMator Needed?

Any website owner needs to check their website periodically for making sure the website has no issues both in terms of coding and SEO terms. Having errors can affect your site ranks and traffic, as an owner, you may not have the technical knowledge to find out what exactly the wrong things going on with your website. So, having a full-fledged tool like this can give continuous monitor of website health. Having an automated tool can save tons of time for you, so you can concentrate on content quality instead of worrying about the website. 

Webmasters who have the single site, it’s easy to track all the necessary data to keep their website healthy and rank better in search engine result but when you have more than one site like 2,3,5,10 and more? auditing and analyzing a single site takes few hours of time, then assume how much time it would take to audit multiple websites.

Features of SEOMator

SEOMator an online website auditing and analysis tool provides the following features.

SEOMator ~ WebSite Auditing Tool ~ Complete Review ~ features

  • Domain Comparison
  • Bulk Processing
  • Monitoring
  • Solutions for the problems on the site
  • Modern Analysis Reports
  • Easy project addition
  • Auto crawling and analysis
  • Email Notifications
  • Completes crawling 1000 pages in few minutes
  • Embedded SEO Audit widget
  • Can Create/Crawl/Re-Crawl multiple projects/websites based on plan
  • Knowledge base support
  • In-Depth Auditing
  • Reports Exporting
  • Customization of the results
  • HD PDF Reports

How to add project/Website SEOMator for auditing?

Once you login to SEO Mator account, at first glance you will find an option to add a project/website for an analysis. within the same dashboard screen, the list of existing projects will be shown if you added any earlier. just “insert the URL on text-field and click add“, the tool starts crawling the website and give it some time to complete the full analysis and auditing to generate the report.

Once it started crawling the web pages, sit back relax or may carry on with other works, users will get notified via email if the project was successfully crawled. check the below image how it appears when the project analysis completed and ready for review. You can choose view or hit re-crawl if you made any changes to a website while the crawling process was going on, better click on re-crawl to refresh the crawling and reduce errors.

SEOMator ~ WebSite Auditing Tool ~ Complete Review ~how to add project or website“Click on view to check the analysis of the website”

Opening the project will you the complete report on the website which includes reports like On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Crawler report and the pdf report.

SEOMator On-Page SEOSEOMator ~ WebSite Auditing Tool ~ Complete Review ~ menu

The audit tool crawls all the pages and links of the website within the plan you opted out for and provides the results in the beautiful arrangement. diving into deep inside the report you will find more reports about a domain and SEO performance of the particular website.

HTML tags

Its first section of the on-page SEO report, to take things off HTML tags are primary things to check and reduce the errors if any. On the breakdown of the report, different tags ratio will be shown so that you get the clear picture that which tags are occupying more and how much should they occupy for a healthy SEO of the site. You can also view the report in different graphs like frequency of tags usage.

SEOMator ~ WebSite Auditing Tool ~ Complete Review ~ onpageDomain Authority Metrics

Under domain authority metrics report, the tools give you complete domain authority related metric details such DA, Domain age, Mozrank, Alexa rank, search engine index counts and their gain or lost details. Based these reports you can see how SEO strategies your following and applying are affecting site ranks. checking them periodically gives a clear idea about the effectiveness of the SEO strategies taken for the site.

Other on-page SEO details like internal links analysis, content quality, mobile usability, structured data, page speed scores, site structure and text vs HTML comparison will be reported with error fixing solutions. All the reports are shown with beautiful colour combinations.

SEOMator ~ WebSite Auditing Tool ~ Complete Review ~ menu

Always remember if the report of any section is highlighted in three different colours which represent the priority level to fix.

SEOMator ~ WebSite Auditing Tool ~ Complete Review ~ color priority

Red – high priority – needs immediate fixes

Orange – medium priority – not immediate but needs fixes

Coal black – low priority – minor errors but needs fix

SEOMator Off-Page SEO

SEOMator ~ WebSite Auditing Tool ~ Complete Review ~ off-page

Under Off-Page SEO reports you can get the complete report on social media, Back-links and organic presence of the site. Inside social media section, the overview of the social media metrics will be displayed, at first the issues with social media will highlight then step by step each social channels metrics like facebook, twitter, Instagram, and google plus in-depth details of the website are provided. You can see social media followers, followers, tweets sent out, post shares, Pinterest shares.

The best thing you can find the reports are the most traffic bringing content of the website or links. In separate columns high attractive content and low attractive content. Below of the data, you can complete URLs list according to the social signals of each URL. You can check how much traffic has been brought to each particular URL and how many shares were appeared for that particular URL across all social channels.

Have you placed open graph description tags for the website, if you are confused what are Open Graph tags, they are simply tags which tell about the social your social media presence? Inside SEO Mator you can find out how well your og tags are performing,  it highlights if any issues with og tags.

SEOMator ~ WebSite Auditing Tool ~ Complete Review ~ social media


Backlinks on this off-page SEO report are just to give how many numbers of backlinks your domain have, referring sites and quality of such domains. The report shows overall link juice of your site but not in-depth backlink details.

SEOMator ~ WebSite Auditing Tool ~ Complete Review ~ backlinks

Organic Presence

it is another block report which shows an overview of main competitors, keywords suggested by search engines for your domain.

SEOMator ~ WebSite Auditing Tool ~ Complete Review ~ organic presence

Crawler Report

This section briefs about the crawler reports of the domain, you can check whether your site is being crawled or not, any issues or errors while crawling web pages, an overview of crawled URL links, HTTPS response codes, Broken link errors, different response coded while fetching the url’s and server codes.

SEOMator ~ WebSite Auditing Tool ~ Complete Review ~ crawler reportPDFExport

PDF export is the last feature of SEO Mator audit tool, using SEO Mator PDF Export feature you can generate the complete audit report of the website and download it onto your local drive. Before downloading it gives the complete preview of the report, so if you need any changes to the report you may edit the report and then download it.

Final Thoughts about SEO Mator

SEO Mator is an excellent online auditing tool which is so beneficial for every webmaster. Though an experienced SEO analyst doesn’t require premium tools to generate audit reports, analytical reports or more details. Senior SEO experts use the tools which are low cost or free tools to find out the things about their single domains if in case they have to manage multiple domains/website without a doubt they need tools like this. check SEO Mator and let us know what are your thoughts about it by commenting below.

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