ShutterGrip Review ~ Better Gadget for Steady Mobile Photos?

ShutterGrip Review

Smartphones these days generating great images, the quality of mobile images has become so much better in recent years. Adding extra add-ons to mobile cameras like stabilizers, gimbals, Bluetooth shutter buttons to mobile cameras can create awesome images and videos. We have already how Bluetooth selfie stick working and producing better selfies, using the similar Bluetooth shutter button technology just mobile people developed a cool gadget for mobile “ShutterGrip” for clicking neat, crispy study mobile images. So, lets ShutterGrip Review reveal how good is the gadget.

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ShutterGrip Review

ShutterGrip is a small gadget can be added to iPhones and Android devices or can be mounted on tripods or other DSLR tools. Basically, it fits in hands and easy to use. Just unpack the box, insert the battery and start shooting steady images. You can add the ShutterGrip to tripods, selfie sticks and mountable stands.ShutterGrip Review

Inside the ShutterGrip Box

ShutterGrip Review ~ Inside the boxThe package is so simple, packed with only essentials and the paper box utilized so well to provide the textual manual. Inside the box, we have ShutterGrip, warranty card, and safety thread. Ya! that’s it. Nothing much more than them. The boxing is very straight and simple and I like it pretty much. 

  • Main ShutterGrip 
  • Warranty Card (1-year international warranty)
  • Safety Thread
  • A paper note with greetings on it
  • The entire box has printed manual without using extra paper manual

ShutterGrip Design & Build Quality

ShutterGrip Review ~ Better Gadget for Steady Mobile PhotosI love the way they designed it, the main component of the ShutterGrip looks so simple inside when you open it for battery insertion. The main component “Shutter Button” is mounted to Grip, which can hold the mobile devices up to 3.4inch in width.

I have inserted my 5 inch and 5.5 inch devices on it, ShutterGrip holds them perfectly. The core shutter component contains the button on it, they designed it in such way that ShutterButton can be removed and used remotely to take group pictures using smartphones rear camera.

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ShutterGrip completely made out of plastic material and the material feels strong and premium in hands. You can observe on the above image the mobile can be placed without any fear as there are two bumpers on top and bottom areas to hold the camera, so without any fear of damaging your loved smartphones, you can insert them and use safely. At the bottom, they placed tripod supporting screw insertion point and lanyard hole for wrist safety strap attachment.

ShutterGrip Review ~ how to setup
Push the main component to upside Remove the cap by dragging downside Insert the battery as + sign facing upwards Close it and attach it back If battery placed perfectly, it starts to flash in Green

Finally, the build quality is strong enough and feels premium in hands, the design looks simple but the placement of different parts of ShutterGrip in that simple design is so effective and I love it.

ShutterGrip Compatability

ShutterGrip making the compatibility to support more devices slowly, at present it supports major iPhones and Android devices which according to them “Compatible smartphone must be iPhone running iOS 9 or later, or Android running 5.0 or later. The smartphone must support Bluetooth v.4.0 (or higher) and already uses volume key(s) as shutter key in camera mode. If pressing your volume key doesn’t take a shot in the camera mode, look in the phone settings for ways to turn this function on”

ShutterGrip Review ~ iPhone Usage

I tested on iPhone 7, RedMi Note 4(4X) and Red mi 4i. it has worked with all three devices but on red mi note 4, it wasn’t worked with default camera app. I have used OnePlus Camera app pon red mi note 4 and it worked perfectly. check on our Instagram for more pics @trendinginfonet or

Performance & Experience

ShutterGrip Review ~ iPhone Usage front

At initially, I doubted the ShutterGrip performance. I thought like “Do we really need a gadget for better pics? arent our hands steady enough”. Later while using the shutterGrip I changed my opinion.

Adding ShutterGrip to mobiles is too easy. Just remove the Shutter from the mount, remove the cap, insert the battery, close it, add it to the main mount and insert the mobile device into ShutterGrip and you are ready to shoot the steady images.

ShutterGrip Review ~ how to use

I feel a big difference while holding the mobile with and without ShutterGrip for clicking images or selfies, after using ShutterGrip the grip on mobile is so comfortable and perfect for clicking better images. Using fingers to hold the camera for taking selfies is always a tough task and sometimes it is risky because there is a bigger chance of dropping your mobile but with ShutterGrip I found the grip is solid enough and a hand strap is provided for more security.

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The battery came along with ShutterGrip is not perfect size so I have inserted another battery. It may not be the same case with you. When the battery is inserted and it good to go, the green LED light in the front starts to flash. Opened my mobile Bluetooth and paired with ShutterGrip. 

 Thanks for JustMobile people for sending this to me. In the simplest way, the ShutterGrip review is

  • Easy to set up
  • Compatible with most of the latest iOS and Android Devices
  • Strong Grip
  • Steady Video and Photo output
  • Comfortable in hands
  • Perfectly usable with a single hand
  • Good Design and Build Quality
  • Quick reactions
  • Non-slip Ergonomic Usage design
  • Can be used by both left and right-handers
  • Usable with devices up to 3.4inch in width
  • Decent battery life
  • Capture Awesome images with steadiness it gives for mobile
  • Attachable to Tripods 
  • Detachable remote Shutter Button
  • Light Weight
  • Burst mode is available with some mobiles
  • Auto turn-off feature is enabled
  • Works on Bluetooth 4.0
  • With a detachable remote button, images can be clicked from a 10M distance (works perfectly in open areas)

My final thought is Mobile Photographers, selfie lovers and who loves to capture stunning images without blur or shake must have this tool.

Check images shot with ShutterGrip on our Instagram

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What do you think about this ShutterGrip review? Did I miss any points or you want to say something please leave a comment below, catch you in the next review.


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