SuperMario Coming Back as SuperMario Run ~ Play One Hand

The biggest news on Apple iPhone7 launch event for the gamer’s from 90’s genre is that Super Mario coming back. Super Mario is at long last making a beeline for Apple’s iPhone.


The new name for the game is “Super Mario Run,” and it’s the first run through the universally adored Italian man is showing up on the world’s most popular gaming platform, the iPhone. It’s the first run through Nintendo is authoritatively conveying its darling franchise to portable mobile platform, and on the off chance that you grew up playing as the little plumber mario man in his vivid and adventurous levels through the 80s, you know how huge an announcement this is.

The little magical runner will come to iOS by the Christmas season and will be accessible as a free download, with a solitary in-application buy to open the full game file download. Since Mario is naturally runs in the one direction in the game, everything you’re doing is tapping on the screen to make him bounce. The more you touch, the higher he hops. Basic! It’s a simple approach to play Mario on-the-go, with only one hand.

screen shot 2016-09-07 at 1.12.03 pm

There’s no word on when Android users can hope to see the game on the Google Play Store, be that as it may. At the point when talking with Kotaku, Nintendo given hint that the game would be made available on Android gadgets “at some point in the future.”

Watch the Game Trailer here:

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