System Date and Time Resets Error – Cause , Solutions


When you have a tendency to depend on your PC’s time and your PC clock loses time, this can be deadly. There are a few circumstances where the Windows clock begins demonstrating the wrong time. In case you’re fixated on having the precise time on your PC regardless, you might need to set up synchronization with a remote server. Before you do that nonetheless, please take note of that an erroneous Windows clock ought not be taken daintily. On the off chance that the PC clock loses time in spite of the fact that you continue settling it, there might be a genuine aim.

Causes of System Date and Time Resetting Error


The most common reason for this issue is CMOS battery, CMOS a complementary metal oxide semi conductor, which helps tp stores the system date and time information. The CMOS stays on the motherboard and passes the power supply to CMOS Chip which actually store the information. Haver never got the doubt, how system shows perfect time whenever switched on??, CMOS Batteries supplies the required power to the chip even the system completely turned off. The batter helps to continue to count the date and time, but when the battery expires or becomes a bad one it looses the capacity to supply the power to CMOS chip, ultimately results in date and time information lost. So, you need to manually reset the time everytime you turned on the PC.


Just simply replace the CMOS battery, it as simple as that. it will fix the problem in CMOS battery case.



If the system has been hit by the viruses or malwares and resulting in time changes, the case in little tougher one to deal with. Few viruses/malwares attacks time settings and modifies them to disable specific features on PC, this will cause big problem for the users. For example: if the date is older than present day, you will be having trouble for accessing the internet. Some software lose their licenses, settings will get modified.


These tools are required to fix the situation, a strong antivirus, anti-malware and Process explorer. Install anti-virus and malware scanner to remove the attacked viruses or malwares. If you are unable to remove them, for open the process explorer check which program’s are running suspiciously. Kill the process and try to remove the virus infected files with installed Anti-virus or Malware Scanners.

Wrong Time Zone Setting

Your PC may basically be set to the wrong time zone and each time you alter the time, it resets itself to that time zone when you reboot. On the off chance that the minutes are right and just the hour is terrible, that is most likely the issue you’re managing. This kind of issue can be solved Easily, Just follow the below settings.



Go to “Adjust Date and Time” ->Time Zone -> Change Time Zone -> Choose the Correct Time Zone from the Drop down List ->ok -> ok

It’s critical to pay consideration on the most essential components of your PC. Straightforward things turning out badly can be an indication of genuine inconvenience ahead.

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