The Dummies Guide to Use Facebook for Job Search


Apparently, most people believe that nowadays the most authoritative social media platform for job search is LinkedIn. The Jobsite’s 2016 Social Survey, however, shows that 66% of surveyed recruiters prefer working with Facebook rather LinkedIn, saying most of the social media users are engaged in Facebook on a daily basis. So, with over 1 billion FB accounts all over the world, this platform is an attractive source of job searching and networking for both job seekers and recruiters.

We share the secrets LinkedIn profile writing services have for creating powerful profiles. First of all, professionals start their work with the research analyzing profiles of hundreds LinkedIn or Facebook members from the same niche. After that they create a checklist of keywords to add and information to mention.

Using this platform as your job search tool is quite easy – you just have to know how. And if you have no idea how,here are some of useful tips:

1. Spend Some Time to Fill in all the “About” gaps.

When using Facebook on a personal basis, you might not have realized how much of the missing information is there for you to fill in. Not only would you need to add your current employment and the name of the college you have graduated from, but also write down descriptions about your past jobs and how long you were employed. This way you’ll have a better visibility among recruiters who like searching for their potential candidates by the job title.

Besides, Facebook offers you to share the information about your favorite movies, TV series, books, and music. This is, in general, something that is not directly related to you as a professional employer. But still, Facebook compared to LinkedIn is also a place where recruiters get a chance to actually see your personal preferences.

2. Create a List of Professional and Non-Professional Contacts.

If you are not new to Facebook, then you might know that your friends can be classified in several categories. Go to your friends’ list, click on the button saying “Friends”, select “Add to another list” and add all people from your professional network to the “Professional” category.

Many experts recommend to classify friends this way to make separate posts for your personal friends and family and the other ones for your professional contacts. That does not mean you are not allowed to share some pictures from your personal life with the professionally oriented audience. But if you’re going to share pictures from your last-night-out party, you would rather keep them private to your close friends only.

By the way, Facebook also offers other apps useful for your job search. For example, Facebook messenger data saver option will help you keep every enquiry organized. And be always ready to answer the questions you get there.

3. Get Actively Involved in Your Friends’ Postings.

Again, this is about your professional network. Facebook is great to peak at what other people are interested in, what posts they like and share on the page, whom they respond etc. So, at this point, you got to be an active user and pay a great attention to your friends’ posts. Liking their updates and commenting can become a reason for them to reciprocate. And if this person is an employer, then reciprocating may turn into a tempting job offer.

4. Connect to More Useful People!

It seems like doing online networking makes a lot of sense, so you want to make sure you don’t miss this chance as well. In fact, Facebook has this one great tool to help you find some “useful” connections. You just have to type “people who work at (the name of any company you are interested in)” in a search bar and see the results. If some of your Facebook friends work in this company, you will see them first. So in order to explore more people, click on “see more”. The not-so-good thing about such networking is that some of the results may not be valid. So, you should click on every person’s profile to see if that person is really working in such company or not.

As you can see, making your Facebook as a powerful job search tool is possible and herewith effective. Such guideline is simple for each person, even he was not an active FB user before. Good luck with your career!

About the Author: Vik Vein is a representative of Resume Writing Lab team. She is passionate about searching for various job search tricks and tips and sharing the with others.

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