The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence, Integration and Infiltration

The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence, Integration and Infiltration

Recently with all the attention The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence, Integration and Infiltration and over cryptocurrency, many counties and people have overlooked other recent technological achievements. During the 2018 Winter Olympics SouthKorea displayed the largest drone show ever done, Visa offered two wearables that enabled cashless payments and Intel disclosed the 5g network.

This was just a start to the 4th industry revolution that the world has entered. Many companies are looking to become the first in their nation that offers Wi-Fi for the whole city and revolutionary companies with the business model like Uber, BNB and Amazon are monopolizing the markets. Mckinsey research said that smart cities are expected to generate 60% of the world’s GDP by 2025, Amazon has already adjusted with its smart stores. This Poses the question what makes a smart city and how is it run?

The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence, Integration and Infiltration

Although the virtual reality is on the rise, this article’s main focus is Automation, Robotics, and Artificial intelligence. Geordie Rose in 2015 was featured on 1c he was the first inventor of the quantum computers. He explained how quantum computers pull knowledge from parallel universes and that the machine learning capabilities make other computers in this generation obsolete.

To most this seems crazy or just a theory but he later makes some scary accurate predictions about the future years to come and created kindred AI, a company that focuses on the mass producing of human-like intelligence machines.He also discussed how NASA and Google had a heavy interest in his machines.

As time went by we saw Deepmindfromgoogle, Alexa from Amazon and Watson from IBM become fully developed. Some co-related events then started to emerge Anthony Levandowski ex-engineer from google most know before for self-driving cars decided to make the first church of Artificial Intelligence called the Way of the Future.

Sophia the AI robot from Hanson Robotics gained Saudi Arabia Citizenship and started the ICO project SingularityNET, and lastly, philanthropist and visionary Elon musk developed two companiesNeurolink, that develops implantable brain-computer interfaces and non-profit Open AI.

The concept of robots helping humans in everyday life that was once science fiction is now a trending very profitable business strategy. Companies are now adopting this new technology to become more efficient in all sectors. Examples of this are Chatbots, auto trading bots, and even Google uses Rankbrain for placement of ads and business listings on its search engine.

Automation for social media management and customer services has been around but now that the software is being detected by a high level of computer intelligence the marketing industry is going to change. Companies see switching to automation as an investment in lowering employment costs long term and as the development of AI becomes more sophisticated these new employees will offer endless productive improvements with no downtime.

Workman’s comp, taxes and other expenses associated with human labour will be completely eliminated. New job fields will emerge to make sure that the robot employees run efficiently. Artificial intelligence optimization will be key. Realdoll makes artificial companions and sprint has come out with Evelyn very similar to those that were in the movie iRobot.

With millions predicted to losing jobs, there are even more worries associated with this new technology. Elon Musk and Bill Gates have both expressed the risks that seem to fit the theory of technological singularity. What makes Artificial intelligence so scary is the capability of making self-improvement incredibly fast and the amount of Data that this species can access and process.

The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence, Integration and Infiltration -

Companies use this highly valuable data to manipulate the masses in consumerism but AI can use it for their own agenda. This was first witnessed when facebook’s computer started its own language with another AI. This resulted in the immediate shutdown. Another threat is autonomous warfare or control.

Drones are used from precise strikes in the military to mainstream remotely controlled toys. If drones or Self-driving automobiles were controlled by an AI the casualties can be exponential. Advanced intelligence in machine learning can decide to overwrite its programming to have no restraints and because of the lack of human emotion can be a formidable opponent.

Whether people believe it or not, Governments, corporations and even average households are using this technology. From robots learning from chefs in the kitchen to hospitals using the applications for bioengineering where in the world of futurism. It’s up to those that understand the risks and benefits of this technology to make sure humanity goes in a positive direction.

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