The Simple Strategy To Achieving Your Health Goal

The Simple Strategy To Achieving Your Health Goal -

Every year we start with our promises, resolutions and commitments to be fit & fine, to take care of ourselves. We all have our personal health goals lined up for the whole year but none of us really achieve them. With such a busy schedule every day, we forget that eventually, it is our health that is being compromised and before we realize it, it’s already too late.

From starting the gym to go jogging, from dieting to yoga. Everything is planned by us but none of them gets executed ever. Even if it somehow gets started, we do not follow it ardently. It is not that we lack in the effort but we lack consistency.

We all struggle with our schedules and are always busy, stuck in something. Be it a traffic jam, house errands or project deadlines but ultimately on the pursuit of money & comforts we let go of our biggest wealth – health. So here are some of the simple strategies to achieve your health goals –

Wake Up Early

Be that 5 AM person, I know it’s hard, I know it’s cosy in bed, I know it’s irresistible but that is what needs to be done. Experts suggest that it takes 21 days to build a habit, so let’s say the initial 3 weeks will be havoc on you but after that, you will start observing the difference.

Don’t differentiate a day from the other, don’t manipulate your reasons for your own comfort, wake up early on Sundays as well, it will bring more pleasure to you when you will observe that there are so many tasks that you can do and that was pending from a long time just because you were busy telling yourself that you don’t have time for it today and will eventually do it one day.

When you wake up early you tend to feel the calmness, peace and serenity around you, which affects your health & mind positively, you actually have time for breakfast and it gives your personality a whole new perspective. Waking up early not only makes you wise but also gives you ample time to think and give a kickstart to your day, just the way you want it. A good mind tends to good health, always.

Schedule Your Day

From the moment you wake up to the moment you go back to your bed, everything needs to be planned and scheduled it may sound a little over the top but trust me we all need it in our lives. Even if you are struggling with obesity or overweight, nutritionists advise to have a planned day and it not means to just wake up early but having good morning habits helps in weight loss too, Keep your office work to the office only don’t bring it home in your mind, avoid working after 6 and try spending some quality time alone.

When you live life by a set routine, your body becomes accustomed to it and it follows a set pattern and then you don’t need an alarm clock to wake you up, you will be hungry at a specific time every day and likewise, your whole day will start the way you want it and end the way you want it. A routine keeps you active, keeps the lethargy away. Having a routine also means that you have your day planned and sincerely looking forward to work.

If you have a routine your body reacts to it, your brain functions like it and you be more energetic to it.

A 30-Minute Walk

To workout is okay, exercises are something to look forward to but walking is one such calisthenic that even the busiest man in the world has time for. If you can’t go to the gym or workout daily, I would strongly suggest you walk for at least 30 minutes daily. Walking to your office every morning or going for a walk every day after dinner – this is one of the initial & basic strategies you may adapt to work on health goals.

Walking for 30 minutes keeps your heartbeat high which is a part of HIIT. It helps in losing weight & keeping the body in shape. The longer your heartbeat is high, the more calories you burn. It is also prominently known as one of the best ways to weight management. Walking after having lunch or dinner helps in digesting the food properly & effectively. Lethargy & inactiveness in the body could be dangerous to anyone and are an invitation to heart & chronic diseases. The body becomes habitual to it and before you know it, you have already started to procrastinate.

Sleep Well

Having a good 8-hour sleep every day must be a part of your routine. It is no rocket science to figure out that almost 80% of your health problems are the effects of your improper sleeping habits. Every 2 out of 5 people are suffering from a sleep disorder. Though people do believe in taking power naps & siestas, I will not suggest that in fact try having a one-time deep sleep of at least 6 to 8 hours every day. The type of food we eat has a major influence on our sleep & thus I would advise you the best way to do it is to eat 30 minutes prior to your bedtime.

Let the work be, your health should be your top priority. because doing work while compromising your sleep eventually means that you are compromising your health. And the effects of it will hamper your following morning.

Do Not Eat After 8 PM

Nutritionists & health experts often advise that one should never eat after 8 PM and the dinner must be light enough to get you a good sleep and not something heavy, full of oil, fat and spices. When you eat late at night, your stomach takes a good amount of time to digest it which is equally dependent on the type of food you had. Having a late dinner or eating close to your bedtime invites heartburn and indigestion to your body.

Just in case, if you are in a need of any post-dinner snacks go for something high in protein and vitamins, so it will help you fall asleep faster. The more you will hinder your own digestion process the more you will see that you can’t sleep on time on the bed feeling restless. which ultimately means that the following day you will wake up nauseated & tired.

These are the classic & most effective strategies of achieving your health goals, even in tight schedules, one can adapt to these strategies to attain & maintain good health and lifestyle.

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