Is This the Right Time to Change Your Logo Design in 2018?

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Change Your Logo Design in 2018

A logo is one of the most important elements on which a business must pay extra attention. The more professional your logo is and the more trendy it is, the more professionalism there will be in a business. People recognize a business less by its name, but more by its logo and all the famous brands across the world have one thing in common and that is “a unique logo”.

Is This the Right Time to Change Your Logo Design in 2018

A well-designed logo always creates an effective brand identity of a business. It plays an important role in the sales and revenue of a business and a logo is also the element that attracts people towards a business. However, if the logo of a business becomes outdated, it won’t be able to attract people towards it and the business will also see a major downfall in its brand identity.

Here are some top signs that can alarm you about the need of “change your logo design in 2018”. Whenever you see these signs in your logo, you should understand that it is the right time for you to change it.


Like form and haircuts, logo outlines experience drifts after some time. The late 90’s and mid-2000’s saw visit use of a “swoosh” development all through different logo plans. Today we get ourselves drenched in a fashionable person drift that incorporates geometric outlines and moderate peaks. Similarly, as you don’t need your logo to look “old,” you need it to fit your image and not really what is popular right now.

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It is just a short time before the following pattern comes in, and radical new trends of logo outlines begin to surface. Much the same as the age of the first logo plan, the style of the logo can add another measurement to its requirement for an update. In the event that you discover your logo looks obsolete in this sense, it could be an extraordinary time to return to it, and check whether it can be refreshed and upgraded for a more present-day look that can last any longer.

People Don’t Like It Anymore

It is in the psyche of people that people get fed up with a thing after some time. For this, the best thing is to get such a logo that can satisfy every generation. However, if you have got such a logo that has become irrelevant for a new generation, it is the best time for you to get a new logo for your business or perform some changes in the new one. Through this, people will be attracted to the new logo design and you will see a boom in your business again.

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Whether your employee, customer or the audience is confused about your logo, it is also the time for you to get such a logo that can easily represent your business to your audience.Remember, only an effective logo can help you appeal your target audience.

Target New Audience

You have a built up client base that is steadfast and astonishing, however, you’re prepared to address more youthful customers too. A logo upgrade might be exactly what the marking specialist requested. Play it right and your new logo will enable you to associate with another group of onlookers and still keep up your client base.

You Have Expanded Your Business

Since your logo should be relevant to your business, you better change it if you have changed or expanded your business niche. Businesses that start from a small area of work try their best to expand it to its possible maximum heights not only to make their business bigger but also to earn more money.

If you also have brought or willing to bring more variations in your business, you should also bring some changes in your logo so that it can remain relevant to your business and can also attract new customers for you. Otherwise, if people find your logo different from the products or services you offer, it will leave a wrong impression to them and they will get confused about your business.

It’s Not Unique

Uniqueness is one of the most important elements that should be present in a logo. A logo that is not unique won’t help you in an effective way to attract your audience.

The more unique a logo is, the more it will be able to create its unique place in the market and once your business logo penetrates in the mind of your customers, that will be the time for you to enjoy the perks of your business and see your business grow better and faster. Branding seeks originality and an ordinary logo doesn’t happen to meet the requirements in branding and marketing.

Another reason to get a unique logo is that you can’t afford to look plenty of other brands available in the market. This will create confusion for customers and they may get some products or services from other companies from the market that have their logos similar to your one.

However, if you have a totally different logo, it will help people easily recognize your item and buy it at once. But, you shouldn’t make your logo anonymous while making it unique rather it should be synonymous with your brand and its identity.

Competition in the Market

You were at the highest point of your business field, the best in your industry and now, all of a sudden, you are the very brave rivalry. You can feel scared or you can stand up tall and battle for your place. A logo upgrade can help by demonstrating your current clients that you’re present day and up and coming and planned clients that you are deserving of being considered.

The Image Is Damaged

For any reasons, if your brand image has been damaged, you better change its name and logo because it is useless for you now go with this damaged identity. In this case, the best thing for you is to get a new name and logo and turn over a new leaf. From its starting, you can work hard to get your lost brand identity again with a new name and can enjoy again the perks of your business.

It Doesn’t Fit Modern Media

If your logo was designed around 20 years ago, it must not have been designed to be placed on your business website or social media platforms because there were not available at that time. Todays, the world has got immense advancement and no business today can survive without having its strong online presence and a business website.

Thus, if your 20 years old logo doesn’t fit your business website or social media profiles, you better get a new one so that it can effectively attract the new digital generation.

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The company has merged

Last but not least, a logo should also be changed when a company is merged or acquired by another company. You may find some people claiming that it is unnecessary to do so, but there are a number of potential reasons that advocate the need of a new logo for a merged company.

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The new company may offer some more products or services and may perform its business operations in some other way. Its target market may also be different and there are a number of reasons that compel a merged company to get a new logo. To get a new logo, you can get graphic design services from a professional graphic design agency because a professional agency can understand your business and can come up with a perfect logo for you accordingly.

A design is simple, but it’s also complicated at the same time. It requires a great struggle to build a graphic identity of your business through a logo and once it’s done, your logo will work as the ambassador of your business!

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