Top 10 Best Upcoming Games in 2018 for PS, PC and XBOX

Top 10 Best Upcoming Games in 2018

So the end of 2017 is very near and we are ready to welcome the year of 2018 with countless most anticipated games down the line. The new and extremely exciting range of offline and online games is surely going to surprise to all game freaks who always have a craze for living their game fantasies to the fullest. So, we are giving an early list of top 10 best upcoming games in 2018 for ps,pc, and Xbox.

These digital games are reaching to a new level with every passing day. All the upcoming games 2018 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox are surely expected to be comparatively better than the previous versions. With the regularly changing technology environment, developers have given their best to make the best use of it to deliver something beyond your expectations.

Top 10 Best Upcoming Games in 2018

We know that being a game lover, your expectations are always high, so here we have tried to highlight only the top 10 best upcoming games that you can explore in the coming 2018 year. Since the released dates of these most anticipating games have been announced, so we are delighted to discuss it along with all the relevant information about these games with you here.

Top 10 Best Upcoming Games in 2018

Monster Hunter: World

Release Date: January 26, 2018

Genre: Action RPG

Platform: PS4, PC, Xbox One

Publisher: Capcom

Developer: Capcom


We are sure that there will be a lot to be explored for you when a major Monster Hunter franchise decided to make its way to the highly advanced consoles. What Monster Hunter did in the past has just excited us as of now, so its franchise will definitely do something big in a new era. Each kill will now be more exciting with the improved armor and badass weapons.


Far Cry 5

Release Date: February 27, 2018

Genre: FPS Adventure

Platforms: PS4, PC, Xbox One

Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Ubisoft


The good news for the people of Montana right here in the US is that the wait for the Far Cry 5 is over now. Ubisoft has finally decided to launch its the most awaited Far Cry 5 in the coming year 2018. According to experts, several controversies might be seen flying around the Far Cry 5 setting, however we can say that it can be an interesting place for the series to go. Without getting too much about it, we can expect rabbits, coyotes, hunting bears and much more to get involved in this game.


Red Dead Redemption 2

Release Date: Spring 2018

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One

Publisher: Rockstar Games

Developer: Rockstar Games


With an amazing Red Dead Redemption 2 teaser released on the same day when the announcement of the Switch occurred, Rockstar already stunned the online game lovers.  The teaser showed clearly seven cowboys on the horizon. The story angle was similar to the Grand Theft Auto V. No specific details about the game Rockstar has shared with us until the release of the game, however, we would still suggest to bring it home as soon as it entered the market.


Sea of Thieves

Release Date: Early 2018

Genre: Swashbuckling Adventure Co-Op

Platforms: PC, Xbox One

Publisher: Microsoft

Developer: Rare

Sea of Thieves is going to be the most loving game by Microsoft’s biggest Xbox One exclusive of the year 2018. The game will take you to a trip packed with the full adventure to sea for loot in the presence of pirates will excite you amazingly. Apart from heading towards the objectives for the said loot, you would also be able to oppose the pirate crews and take their loot with you.


Detroit: Become Human

Release Date: TBA 2018

Genre: Action Adventure Story-driven Game

Platforms: PS4

Publisher: Sony

Developer: Quantic Dream

Right from Quantic Dream, Detroit: Become Human is surely going to be one of the highly interesting PlayStation 4 exclusives on the horizon. With the introduction of Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain, and Fahrenheit, the maker has already revolutionized the gaming industry.



Release Date: Spring 2018

Genre: Action RPG

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Developer: Dontnod

How could I forget the thrill and excitement I enjoyed while playing the Dontnod’s Remember Me? This criminally underappreciated game has actually made me their big fans. Their next critically-acclaimed masterpiece known as Life is Strange again surprised the gaming arena. Now, in their next coming game, called Vampyr, you as a user would get a chance to meet a vampire doctor (named Jonathan E.Reid), who will fight against his own demons to throw back some shots of blood.


Insomniac’s Spider-Man Game

Release Date: TBA 2018

Genre: Superhero Adventure

Platforms: PS4

Publisher: Sony

Developer: Insomniac Games

Like us, many are really waiting to see the most awaited swing of the spiderman. After seeing a lot of excitement among people for this superhero, Sony prepared a team-up between Insomniac Games and Marvel for launching an exclusive yet thrilling spiderman game for PS4.


Days Gone

Release Date: TBA 2018

Genre: Zombie third person shooter

Platforms: PS4

Publisher: Sony

Developer: SIE Bend Studio

This zombie game will leave you speechless with what activities you are given to do while playing Days Gone. A realistic tone of the game will make sure that you feel like doing the activities in real. Your own survival is the sole objective of this game while fighting with numerous zombies on screen. All the best for winning the latest version of this game in advance!!


God of War

Release Date: Early 2018

Genre: Action-Adventure

Platforms: PS4

Publisher: Sony

Developer: Sony Santa Monica

The most watched and enjoying E3 2016 trailer was unarguably the Kratos’s return, which actually changed the perceptions of what we were aware of Kratos and God of War as a franchise. The volcanic-looking breasts, deer with sparkling antlers, and frost magic are a part of this game.


Shenmue 3

Release Date: Second half of 2018

Genre: Action Adventure

Platforms: PS4, PC

Publisher: Shibuya Productions

Developer: YS Net

Many internet users were seen losing their minds when they witnessed the introduction of Shenmue 3 last year’s E3. Within eight hours of its introduction, it touched the figure of $2 million being known as the quickest Kickstarter campaign to reach that amount. Following the events in Shenmue 2, you would be able to keep moving the Ryo Hazuki’s story with Niao Sun, a new antagonist, Lan Di, and his father’s killer.

Apart from this, there are a sheer number of games in the pipeline ready to take the game lovers to a new level of excitement, fun, and thrill. Whether you are an action-adventure game enthusiast or car racing game love – the most exclusive range of the upcoming games in 2018 will be enough to serve you the perfect game appetite. All you need to do is choose the one that fits your needs and experience the fun you have been waiting for. So, get ready to make the most out of the gaming world in the coming year.

Conclusion: We hope we have catered here the top 10 best upcoming games in 2018. However, if we missed any of the most relevant ones, please share it with us in the comment box. We would love to provide you with the best information on your desired game series. Happy gaming!!

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