Top 10 Blogging Tips for 2018

Top 10 Blogging Tips for 2018-

Blogging can be a big joke if done the wrong way. No perfect way exists to do a thing but there can be hundreds of incorrect ways that can hamper improvement. In case of blogging, webmasters need to be dynamic in setting marketing strategies. The reason for that is simple. New and improved strategies are the need of time. While the core SEO strategies will more or less be the same, marketing strategies are subject to change. Below are the top 10 blogging tips 2018 that will help you grow your blog faster in digital marketing arena for 2018 and beyond.

1. Firstly, be Remarkable

Have you heard about Seth Godin and his book- the purple cow? Being remarkable is the first step towards victory. Blogging is essentially a conversion where you share valuable information to build an audience. You can grow your blog faster if you are different from others. In this book, Seth Godin says that we are never interested in normal cows. But, if we get to see a purple cow will hop over the fence and run to touch it and see it out of astonishment. This implies that developing a catchy brand will help you grab attention faster. So, think about how you can be remarkable in almost everything you are doing with your blog.

2. Brainstorm with everyday Life things

Have you heard bloggers saying that the niche they are working is saturated? That, practically, never happens. You can always generate new ideas and twist and turn them to produce valuable content. The secret is brainstorming with everyday chores, activities or tasks. You can create mind maps to connect seemingly irrelevant things and create engaging content out of them. When it comes to brainstorming and generating ideas the only sky is the limit. By practicing brainstorming you can come up with hundreds of blog post ideas.

3. Have a Unique Tilt in the Content

If you are into a competitive niche where everyone is shouting out on the same things, building a loyal audience can be difficult. Deliver content with a different angle that will differentiate you from the clutter. Think about how can you provide the same content with a different perspective. This is necessary because you want to let the readers know that you are offering something unique that cannot be found elsewhere. Also, it is not a good idea to compete with existing blogs because it will take a lot of time and energy to outrank them. Finding your unique voice is the key. Think of some unique perspectives that are lacking in this world!

4. Treat your Blog as a Media Platform

You are providing content that your audience wants or the advice they are lacking. All the effort is for the readers who are coming to your blog to get some sort of gratification. You will get readership fast if you treat your blog like a media platform. You can create helpful content that encourages discussions in the comment section of the blog articles. Talk in a way that makes the readers feel that it is an everyday conversation and not just an authoritative write up like a textbook lesson. Think on how you can trigger discussions on your blog posts. Remember, media platforms attract more traffic.

Top 10 Blogging Tips for 2018

5. Write content in the form of FAQs

Most readers want quick answers to their queries. You might have heard that fewer people actually read the entire content in the articles. To avoid the problem of ignorance from the readers you can write some articles in the form of short questions and answers. This will help readers stick to the articles for a longer time and you can push them deeper into your blog by interlinking the articles. You can take some inspiration from the famous question-answer site Quora. The reason people repeatedly visit it is that it gives straightforward answers to problems.

6. Listicles will Always Help you Rock!

Presenting content in the form of bullet points or list is a very well-known way to present scannable content. They are called listicles! Nowadays readers do not like reading big chunks of content. List posts are easy to read, and they convey ideas quickly because they isolate ideas and concepts in different paragraphs. Readers scroll down to the bottom if you are using images and headings in the list posts. Therefore, writing list posts can boost your on-page timing that is an important Google ranking factor.

7. Leverage Video for Content

Along with textual content, images or infographics you need to consider video content as well. The reason for that is website visitors are increasingly consuming video form of content. Videos work great because it is the fastest way to consume content. People hardly get bored with video content because it is less tiring compared to reading long blog posts. It is estimated that by the end of this decade video content will outperform all other types of content. Therefore, you can start off with videos right now and that can be of great benefit in your blogging journey.

8. Have a Documented Editorial Mission Statement

Most bloggers do not have a documented editorial mission statement. It is nothing but a statement of what your blog is about and what you want to do with your blog. It is all about the assistance and value you want to provide to the audience you want to serve. When you have a documented editorial mission statement you focus providing content better. It helps you to keep away distraction and remind you of focusing every day on creating content on the relevant topics. In short, the editorial mission statement will help you keep your voice alive in your content.

9. Prepare an Editorial Calendar for Consistency

Regular posting is essential if you want to grow your blog fast. Prepare an editorial calendar for regular posting of articles, videos etc. That will help you keep regularity in content publishing. You might be writing different types of posts with a fixed weekly schedule. Your editorial calendar will help you set a schedule and publish specific types of content in regularity. Its benefit is a steady growth of your blog with increasing engagement from new visitors.

10. Deploy Content Marketing

Content marketing has gained popularity in the recent years because it promises long-term blogging success. It is simply creating valuable content and giving it away for free and once the readers engage and benefit pitching the product and services offers. If you take a close look every blogger uses some form of content marketing. Even for content marketing, you need a marketing strategy. That will help you target an audience and build loyal readers. In 2018 and beyond you should start full-fledged content marketing with your blog.


Blogging is exciting when it is done with right strategies and a vision in mind. Blogging trends changing along with online marketing and the ones who catch up have more chances of success. A blog succeeds only when it stands out from other blogs in the respective niche. You cannot build a blog by copying what others are doing. Implementing the above strategies in blogging can help you monetize your blog faster.

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