Essay writing is an art, and it also resembles contemplating your spirit. Essay writing has numerous benefits, one can figure out how to communicate with others in a more sensible manner, and furthermore, you build up your written work aptitudes, improves your vocabulary and your own composition style. By simply learning the art of essay writing, you can develop to be an extremely capable and innovative speaker or author, or coherent mastermind and this is just the beginning. We have listed out top 10 essay guidance books below.


India’s top examination requires you to write a top-class essay on any worldwide issues. These kinds of examinations are predominantly gone for accessing your views on any topic that is currently in news or any static knowledge. The lucidity of thought is important in order to clear these exams. Through this article, we would let you know top ten essay guiding books for competitive exams and for all related purposes and they are:

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Essay Book by S.C Gupta

This is one of the best essay guidance books for the students. It manages a plenty of points extending from national issues to universal undertakings. As far as its contents are concerned it incorporates huge data on different fields, from your own nation as well as from all around the globe. Comprehensive essays on current issues are readily available in this book. Vital authentic occasions and flexibility contenders of our nation are likewise specified in this book. As a result, this book is vital for students of standard history and also for the individuals who wish to think about this subject out of their advantage.

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Essays by Disha

This book is readily available on Kindle and Amazon and has been intended for the UPSC aspirants, numerous State PSCs, and other focused exams. The book underlines the significance of writing essays and the speciality of article composing. Moreover, it has an extraordinary coverage on Indian topics, as the majority of exams nowadays solicit rather profoundly in regard to issues relating to their own nation. So, 101 Essays plans to give an entire guide to applicants meaning to boost their scores in such Descriptive Questions. It contains 101 essays relating to current affairs, polity, social issues, environment and much more.

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SJ. Thakur’s Descriptive English

Descriptive English is written by SJ Thakur and its Kindle version is available online. This book is planned on the theory of inventiveness, clarity, coherence and availability. Apart from essay writing guidance it also contains precise writing, article writing, grammar skills, and this is just the beginning. It takes into account the necessities of aspirants of difficult examinations from Union to States polite administrations examinations, IBPS directed examinations and all related examinations.

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Contemporary Essays by Saumitra Mohan

This book contains primary Essay guidance for UPSC Mains examination. Topics ranging from socio-political to monetary issues of India has been secured to fill in as total hypothetical direction. It is meant to give wide points of view on the issues and difficulties with respect to the current social issues prevailing in our nation. Dr Saumitra Mohan is the writer of this book who is an IAS officer and district magistrate of Burdwan, so the book is saturated with the direct learning of the major continuous procedures of social and monetary change. It contains 134 essays with guidance on critical points as regarded imperative for the focal and state common administrations.

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Contemporary Essays by Ramesh Singh

This book is available on Amazon with its Kindle version download. It is a gathering of painstakingly chosen essays implied for wannabes of UPSC and state common administrations examination. After the rebuilding of the syllabus of the Main Examination in 2013, the degree and weightage of the paper have expanded. As a result, this book gives you recent knowledge on essay writing and on the significance of the exposition and the craft of article composing.

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Superb Essay Writing By R. Gupta

This extensive book offers the most recent methodologies for individuals hoping to score in the best percentiles. Most recent accessible information, figures and actualities are consolidated in the articles. Not at all like different aides that endeavour to pass on everything in a solitary tone, however, the Superb Essays is intended to give profound, centred scope of one particular territory for Higher Competitive Exams.

Essays on topics like Indian Economy, Global Issues, National Issues, the Youth, Careers and Education in India, Indian Society, Executive, Judiciary and Governance, Civil Services Special, Media and Social Change and substantially more are covered in this book.

Good Essay Writing by Peter Redmen

This book gives answers to the key inquiries which should be considered while writing a good essay. For instance: What do coaches search for when writing papers? What sort of abilities will be required at various course levels? In what capacity can incidental literary theft be maintained a strategic distance from? What are the conventions for referencing? Great Essay Writing demonstrates to you generally accepted methods to approach distinctive kinds of essays and, gives point-by-point rules on the different methods for supporting and maintaining key contentions, and gives solid cases of good practice.

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How To Write Better Essays (Study Guides) second Edition by Bryan Greetham

This book takes the pursuer deliberately through each phase of essay writing composing from the translation of the inquiry, to the examination, arranging, composing, and modification. The book demonstrates to enhance not simply contemplate abilities like note-taking, perusing, association, and composing, however thinking aptitudes too. Students will figure out how to break down troublesome ideas, censure and assess contentions, utilize confirm, and grow their thoughts. If someone is looking for books with a clear understandable word, this book is the best option.

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Instructions to Write an Essay in Five Easy Steps by Scribendi

This book discloses how to compose an essay in five simple advances. This basic essay composing aide can be utilized by the secondary school or college students. The most effective method to Write an Essay covers the different sorts of expositions, how to inquire about your paper, and how to arrange your essay so your educator can without much of a stretch take after your contemplations.

It digs into how to compose your essay, how to compose a postulation articulation, how to utilize and organize references legitimately, and how to modify your essay to ensure that your writing proves fruitful to the reader.

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Composing Essays For Dummies by Mary Page

Have you ever wish the ideal of writing an excellent college essay? Is it true that you are left bewildered about where to begin? This easy-to-utilize essay book ensures that you build up your essay–composing abilities and accomplish higher imprints. From distinguishing the great essay writings, arranging a structure, to sharpening your essay writing abilities, dealing with your opportunity, finding a paper voice, and referencing effectively, Writing Essays for Dummies demonstrates to you generally accepted methods to remain over each phase of the essay–composing process, to enable you to create a well–made and sure last essays relating to any topic.

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