Top 10 trends in logo design types for 2018

Top 10 trends in logo design types for 2018

The industry of logo design is growing at a very fast-pace. Logos are considered to be the ‘face’ of a company and so, only designing them is not enough. Rather, if you want to survive in this lightning speed industry, you must have a keen-eye upon all the latest trends which are changing rapidly. In fact, nobody is sure of whether the today’s trend would be the trend after two years or not! So, we are about seeing top 10 trends in logo design types for 2018.

Knowing about the latest trends in logo designing is the crucial part while choosing design styles for a logo. The good news is that there are experts who have a keen eye on changing trends and are continuously forecasting about the upcoming trends of logos for companies.

Top 10 trends in logo design types for 2018

This article is going to be very helpful for you as it contains the list of those 10 upcoming trends that you will see this year and must be aware of especially if you are a startup and in order to compete with larger organizations.

Focused Logo

Creating logo designs is not enough but the design must be competent and relevant to the company’s goals. The logo is said to be effective when it is showing the complete information about the design. Mainly, all marketing tools of a company including business cards, websites, posters and the broachers have company’s logo. It is suggested for 2018 to open up your eyes to that type of logos. So as to design yours accordingly.

Architectural Appearance Logo

Though this is not the new trend but is the always favourite one of all designers. While creating logos for companies, the designer tends to sketch such an image which can show the concept behind its appearance. In the today’s digital world, professional designers are sketching such logos for companies that have an architectural and innovative look.

A Pleasant Logo

Fun is something needed and liked by everyone. A logo that can make the atmosphere pleasant and creates energy in you is the most demanded thing of time. Yet, it depends on the nature of business and product. For example, by looking at the logo of Disney world, one can feel happy and good. So, the companies are more interested in creating fun logos for 2018 to make smile on everyone’s faces.

You can use pleasing characters, positive colours and a good sensation for making such logos for companies.

Multi-Visual Identity Logo

A logo that is the combination of masking of colours and patterns is the always liked and adored logo by designers because it needs techniques and know how about proper usage of layers and patterns in the logo and that is a difficult task

Logo With Monograms

Logos with monograms are considered to be classy. It is the most needed skill required from today’s designer. It is important to understand the main parameters if you want to create such logo which is kerning, letter-spacing and typeface choice. Logos for companies are expected to design with the careful eye so as to achieve a powerful logo with monograms.

Geometrically Shaped Logo

The newest trend in 2018 is the simplicity in designing logos. Fundamental geometric figures are considered as the best way to show simplicity in making logos. It makes the logo prompt impact and easy readability. Moreover, it also gives the advantage of brand versatility. For example, Adidas is the famous brand and is using a triangle shaped logo.Another well-known brand-named LG is also using the circle-shaped logo. Same as rectangles are used. See Colgate company logo.

Logo With Grids

Grids are considered to be eye-catching in logo designing. It makes the logo more professional and systematic. There are different types of grids and so, one must choose them in accordance with the product. Don’t make your logo messy by creating so many grids in design. Further, an imaginary geometry can also make your logo unprofessional.So, creating logos for companies with grid require some technical skill, but also becomes better when the designer is well aware of using it.

In short, making the logo more pleasant and orderly, it has become a never-ending trend in logo design for 2018.

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Simple-Shaped Logo

It means making the logo of simple shapes like using lines, rectangles or circles.This idea has been aroused in the last year but is gaining more attention this year. What’s so unusual in this logotype?If you see the logo of Nike. You will observe two things.The first thing makes it special is its simplicity.The second thing is the coherence it is showing which makes any logo eye-catching.

In short, a simple and clean logo always creates a long-lasting effect and gives uniqueness to your logo among competitors.

Letter Assembling Logo

One of the most emerging trend for this year and is gaining popularity because of its elegant style. For creating such logo, letters are assembled together, which makes it easy to avoid long phrases.Combination of contrast colours makes the logo unique and to grab the attention of your customer.

Modified Typography, Logos

The designer knows how to use fonts effectively in making logos for the company.New typographic shapes and modification in the existing fonts have taken the attention of companies. Though it is very old, due to different modifications, it has become a new trend for 2018.

Final Thoughts

The logo shapes are essential in your designs to convey the right message to your audience. It is equally important to understand the psychology of logo design so as to create an influential brand for your customers.

It seems that 2018 will be the challenging year for logo design trends. Designers must have a quick and sharp eye on changing trends as they have to deal with different types of designs including simple, fun loving and at the same time complicated logos for companies.

As the digital world comes up with new ideas daily, designers must have unique designs to compete with them.

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