Top Apps to Check Mobile Hardware Details ~ Android, Windows and iOS

Top Apps to Check Mobile Hardware Details ~ Android, Windows and iOS

In the event that you possess a smart phone, you typically know whether everything on it is working legitimately or not. Notwithstanding, here and there you may not know about the hardware issues that your gadget has. Also, that is the reason there are different applications that permit you to test your mobile phones hardware capacities – from the defective sensors inside it to sound execution, dead pixels, battery, etc.

Test applications can likewise be truly helpful when you’re purchasing a second-hand cell phone, and you need to ensure it’s not a deficient unit. Indeed, even is your gadget doesn’t have any issues, it can in any case be fascinating to utilize a test application on it in any event once. There aren’t an excessive number of free applications of this kind that are truly worth attempting, however those that are can be looked at underneath.

Apps For Android Devices


A standout amongst the most fascinating parts of the application is that it evidently takes a shot at any android gadget. This implies gadgets going back to Android 2.1 can exploit the application. Also, about all android stage are provided food for, with android cell phones, tablets, smartwatches and even Android TV noted as good. On the off chance that you favor giving your android gadget the quick overview, then the application is accessible to download now from the Play Store and is totally free.

Phone Doctor Plus

this app is also available on iOS, Phone Doctor Plus incorporates no under 25 tests – from basic things like Bluetooth, GPS, or 3G and 4G availability, to protected procedures that test the capacities of your telephone’s speaker, headphone, and mouthpiece. CPU, memory, and capacity speed tests are additionally accessible. On top of everything, Phone Doctor Plus has a decent and easy interface.

AnTuTu Tester

Clearly made by the folks behind AnTuTu Benchmark, AnTuTu Tester includes a battery test script that necessities to keep running for a considerable length of time with a specific end goal to give your battery a score – which you can then contrast with battery test scores of different telephones. Additionally included are a multi touch test, LCD test (to discover dead pixels), grayscale test, shading bar test, and an itemized “Gadget Information” tab.

Sensor BOX

In the event that you need an application that exclusive tests your telephone’s sensors, attempt Sensor Box. Aside from distinguishing the sensors that your handset has, Sensor Box additionally clarifies how they function. Here’s precisely what the application can distinguish: whirligig, light sensors, introduction sensor, closeness sensor, temperature sensor, accelerometer, attractive field, weight, and sound force.

Phone Tester

This application essentially does what its name says, so it’s not very not the same as the others that we’re introducing here. Sensors, Wi-Fi, communication, battery, camera, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg – all can be broke down with Phone Tester, which is the main application on our rundown that has been particularly redesigned to bolster Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Apps For iOS Devices

Phone Doctor Plus

it is same as android apps, you can read the details above.

Test & Check for iPhone

this another best application must to use to test the iphone’s, Test and check all iPhone useful. This will guarantee your iPhone is working appropriately.


Screen – Brightness test, Color test, Touch screen test, Multi-touch test, Pinch test

Sensor – Accelerometer test, Shake test, Compass test, GPS test, Proximity test

Interactive media – Sound test, Camera test, Video test

Availability – Wi-Fi test, Bluetooth test, Hotspot test, Phone call test

Other – Warranty check, Activation bolt check, Water harm check, iTunes adjust test, Button check, Cosmetic harm check

Till now we found only few apps for iPhones, Updates once found more apps

Apps For Windows Devices


Thanks to all the developers who made this app available across multiple platforms. we have already mentioned about this app in android section.

Hardware Tests

This is another fantastic app for windows user to test the mobile deviceĀ  and to know all the hardware details of the device. App gives useful information about sensors, display, bluetooth and all other specifications. It offers multiple set of great tests and tools to utilize on your windows device.


Test your telephone speed and contrast and different telephones in the market around the world!. Test handling, design, memory and capacity, with millisecond exactness. See whether your telephone has the quickest CPU, how much quicker are new telephones, and check whether multi-center telephones are for sure speedier.

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