Top Movies Featuring Essay Writers

Top Movies Featuring Essay Writers

Essay writing and movie development share a common base, creativity. Both of these professions require transformation of the imaginative world to the real world. The interchange between these two skills has been there for many years. However, inclusion of an essay writer as a character of a movie is rare, unless he or she brings in value to the scenes. Here are the factors influencing essay writers inclusion in the specific movies:

The Story Owner

All movies come from a storyline. In cases where the developments depend on an essay or novel by a certain author, it is more likely to feature them as characters. Their roles in the movie are to strengthen the themes, since they are the origins. For instance, Wonder Boys is a movie that describes the infinitive aspect of writing. It bases the concept from Michael Chabon, who creates a comical representation of the uncontrollable society that we live in. his role in the movie promotes the appreciation of the themes of the scripts.

Essay Writers/Actors

Writing and acting are artistic skills and one can possess both of them. Some of the actors sum up as writers and the vice versa too. In such a case, the inclusion in a movie is out of the skills and not the essays they have written. However, such essay writers have influence on having some of their writing works developed into movies. In most cases, the subjects play the central role in the movie since they understand the concepts better. A good example is Through a Glass Darkly, a movie written and directed by Bergman Ingmar.

Writer Specialization

When it comes to scientific based movies, essay writers with such knowledge take centre stage in choice of characters. Even if the movies will include fictional concepts, the professionals add sanity and relevance, with regard to the facts. Other genres of movies that include such characters include the fictional and super-power types. In Deconstructing Harry, written by Allen Woody, the writer explains the concept of spiritual bankruptcy, with much ease as compared to other characters.

Other Similar Movies

The Squid and the Whale

In 2005, Noah Baumbach wrote The Squid and the Whale scripts. He later features in the movie developed from the story as he tries to expound on family business and their impact to the family members. Although the movie takes twists from the initial storyline, the themes and concepts are similar.


The German essay writer, Werner Fassbinder Rainer, wrote the scripts. In the movie, the main role of the author is illustration of a poet’s life, in search of publishing partners. The drama in the movie presents the real life situation of an artist, whose fate depends in the authorities. His character role in the movie brings in the professional aspects of the writing society. You can also type essay online if you need help with writing professional essays.

An Angel at My Table

Written by Laura Jones, the scripts in these movies base on real happenings of a vintage writer, Janet Frame. For the movie, Laura assumes the life of Frame and acts the scripts to bring the themes in the autobiography. The movie revolves around her life since she was a kid all the way to her admissions to a mental hospital.

The Player

Michael Tolkin wrote The Player novel and later featured in the movie produced in 1992. In the movie, the director uses the characters to bring in the life of screenwriters, who receive minimal recognition from people using their work. With Tolkin having laid out the concepts in the storyline, this Hollywood movie gives more insight of the desperation and undermining nature if essay writers.

The article was written by Edusson professional writer Dilan Robbins.

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