Top VR Games for PC & Android Devices

Virtual reality gadgets are as of now picking up the market diversion industry, so the time has come to get some answers concerning amusements that gamers want to play. We have gathered TOP 5 diversions accessible today for virtual reality on PC and Android, which, as we would see it, are one of the best VR games.


At to begin with, it might appear that Subnautica is a basic amusement in the plunging kind yet then you understand that you can’t discover any “fish” in it. This is really a survival diversion in the submerged world, where you need to deliver gear, pilot submarines and adjust the earth submerged for mankind. At that, you have to make due in an unfriendly untamed life with volcanoes and immense jellyfish.

Dying Light

The casual continuation of Dead Island from the makers of a similar video was shockingly generally welcomed by commentators and the gaming group overall. Passing on Light is a zombie survival activity, blended with horrible skirmish, parkour, and numerous different components acquired from Dead Rising. The adaptation of the diversion for virtual the truth is still crude – the menu and the catches are disjointed, and the camera controls clearly require some change, however it is an astounding world to meander in until the zombies shred you. Clearly, we will see a different arrival of the amusement particularly for virtual reality gadgets when the Oculus and Vive have been discharged.

Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe VR

An informal spin-off test system of an air hockey called Shufflepuck Café made in 1989 conveys the physical Shufflepuck amusement to an altogether new level. The move in Shufflepuck Cantina makes put in an interstellar clubhouse, where you play against various appealing outsiders and robots with various uncommon systems on different odd tables. The clubhouse has many energizing excitement exhibitions and fun extraterrestrial adversaries so you will have a ton of fun when playing it in VR.

Assetto Corsa

The Assetto Corsa dashing is deservedly perceived as one of the best hustling diversions to date and the same is affirmed by faultfinders. The key component of the amusement is the capacity to include a wide range of in vogue new autos and tracks to its astounding driving framework. It bolsters the virtual reality cap from Oculus as a matter of course, which is an extra preferred standpoint.

Dear Esther

VR gadgets give an awesome feeling of being available in the virtual world, however up until this point, they are not all that great as far as cooperation with it. Today, VR is perfect for the supposed strolling test systems, for example, Dear Esther. This is a scouting computer game where you meander around a remote Scottish island, defeating its profundities and statures, while your character mournfully grumbles about his life. Maybe it helps to remember an adjustment of the novel by James Ballard in the workmanship house style, however the amusement itself is dazzling.

To whole up, this is our rundown of the best VR games for PC and android. We might want to advise you that in the event that you are truly into VR, you can likewise purchase PlayStation 4 and sit tight for the PlayStation VR, which is available in amazon and is probably going to offer the best VR encounter available.

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