Upcoming Technology Trends ~ 2020

Upcoming Technology Trends ~ 2020

Technology is a kind of service, which includes lesser human efforts for doing a particular task. It can be anything such as Robots, Mobile Devices, Tracking systems or any other kind of automated controlling devices. Technology is a kind of utility service based on scientific objective in which each object has a particular function associated with it. Each component in technical terminology is coincided with a scientific descriptive content. The 21st century is technical era of digital wireless communications. Everyday a new technology is hitting the internet market with latest technical terms and enhanced features as compared to previous technology.

At the inception of every new year, technical firms prepared an agenda in which they describe the latest trends of upcoming technology in the digital world of computer industry. In recent years of technology trends, same technical trends just like cloud computing, cyber security, edge computing are being repeated with an advancement in its feature. Moreover, in the year 2020 following are the latest upcoming trends discussed below.

  • 5G Networking Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Block Chain
  • Machine Learning
  • Virtual Reality
  • Cognitive Technology
  • Cyber Security
  • Internet of Things
  • Wi-Fi 6

Let us describe these technical trends in the technical specification aspects:

5G Networking Technology

With the introduction of 4G communication technology, it completely changed the data transmission scenarios of the IT industry. Everyone is availing benefits of 4G networks at very convenient prices. Transactions are more secured and faster as compared to 2G & 3G networks. Now 5G networks are gaining attentions in internet market with its very fast data transmission speeds. This technology is much faster than 4G networks. Some biggest IT firms like Qualcomm, AT&T, Nokia, Huawei and Ericsson are quite sure 5G networks should be deployed at very peak rates by the end of the year 2020. The world’s best ever mobile manufacturing industries have already released 5G mobile devices. SAMSUNG has released its first (Samsung galaxy 10) 5G mobile device in June 2019.

Artificial Intelligence 

This is the most growing technical aspect of digital world, which sustains a remarkable market positions in IT industries. It uses the concepts of nanotechnology and neuron networks. It is the most sensitive research topic. It mainly influences to design a computer in such a way so that it can think as human thinks without programming it. Some fascinating companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Google are taking quite interest in an Artificial Technology. Amazon has already accomplished with its High-Tech cashier less retail store known as AMAZON-GO and planning to open many more by the year of 2020. Moreover, AI is also used in education environment, so that it helps students to take benefits of unmatched intelligence of bots, take its benefits from it in Assignment Help.

Block Chain

Block chain technology is grasping attention of various IT industries due to its secured data transmission policies. its technical aspects, data is transmitted in the form of blocks which contains hashtag of the previous block, its timestamp and transactional data. It also helps in securing financial transactions in business terms. Chain is a Blockchain delivered IT company which mainly focus on developing cryptographic ledgers for secure financial transactions. This technology is quite helpful in Banks, Credit Card transactions and stock exchanges by delivering its block chain tools to these organizations.

Machine Learning

This is also the most emerging upcoming trend. It works on priority basis. For example, in which perspective you are using internet, then according to your likes and dislikes for a particular site, it prepares an automated database for you. Then next time, it should show you that stuff which would be only of your interest. It works very smartly. It is currently implemented by online shopping sites like Flipkart & Amazon. Machine learning has merged the various aspects of Nano- technology in it.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality techniques are very popular in the virtual world of technology. It is very old technical aspect of computational industry since 1950, but at that time there was lack of resources for its development. All gaming network of internet is associated with this technology. All simulation software is deployed in virtual reality category. It gives too much benefit to IT industries by providing an interactive user interface to their sales customers.

Cognitive Technology

Cognitive technology has same technical background as machine learning and virtual reality, but it has somewhat wider concept as compared to that technologies. It also works in natural language processing techniques and voice recognition. Since it uses two merged technologies in its framework and hence its results are optimized. Cognitive technology is used in accounting and analytics.

Cyber Security

This is a vast field of technology assets. It covers all the aspects of network authentication. Data that is traversed over an internet must be secured. Having an efficient security of the reliable information to be protected, there are many cartographic techniques. Cyber security introduce itself with every king of security parameters such as applications authentication, network security, natural disastrous recovery, end to end data transmission & reliable communication.

Internet of Things

The internet of thing is a compound system in which various computational devices, digital machines & mechanical equipment’s, objects, animals, human beings are interconnected with having its unique identifications (UID’s) and all are able to transfer information over a network, without man to man and man to computer interactions. Its concept is designed in such a way it automatically senses the relevant information, collect it and then send useful contents to internet. Its main outcome has make people, to interact with each other with the help of an internet and access online databases in an efficient way. Leading objective behind creation of internet of things is to access the real time data and then utilizing its aspects in different business frameworks.

  • Devices of IoT- Wireless sensors, actuators are some devices of internet things. These devices are connected to a particular gateway which provides access to an internet and then these devices work with granting help from humans. These devices are used in data transmission without operating it.
  • Applications- one of the brilliant aspect of Internet of Things is the concept of smart city development. This aspect of internet of things is adaptive marketing attentions at much higher level. Some other deployed applications are urban security, surveillance techniques, smart energy saving machines, water distribution management systems and weather forecasting devices.

Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 and fifth generation mobile networks are the most awaited technical concepts. Whenever we are discussing about computer industry, two main technical terms are speed of the communication networks and authenticity provided over the networks. From last many years everyone is concerning about low latency and high speed data transmission with reliable financial resources. And the concepts of Wi-Fi 6 and 5G networks is completely working on these two illustrated aspects. Wi-Fi 6 is delivering its services at much faster rates as compared to previous generation techniques. Moreover, with in advancement in other technologies like cloud computing concepts has enlighten the various aspects of internet technology taxonomy. Amazon is already deploying many services of cloud computing.

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