WhatsApp Messenger 2.16.303 beta Brings Big-Brush, Group Invitation links


We have already seen the new emoji’s, doodles and big sticker kind of emoji’s in our last update, now whatsapp making the application more cooler by adding more features. Recently whatsapp beta 2.16.303 released which contains these cool features. we have already demonstrated in our last article how to send big stickers, big emoji’s, doodles and text on images while capturing a pic from whatsapp or forwarding a pic within whatsapp.


With this update whatsapp added more controls to the user to edit an images while forwarding to others. Along with that now you can share a link to invite someone to join with your whatsapp group. This link generating features help a lot group administrates by reducing the time taking for adding people, now people can open the link and see the group details and can decide to join or not.

whatsapp-image-2016-10-12-at-12-39-15-1 whatsapp-image-2016-10-12-at-12-39-15

Previously, before sending an image we were able to add doodle, stickers and emojies on it, now you can add bigger doodle with bigger brush size. this update also enable to change the font size and style inside the doodle feature, just drag left side by tapping text or doodle option to change the color and size of the brush, text respectively. Not only to images but even you can apply these filters on videos which can captured inside whatsapp.

Key Features from the Update

  • Invitation link can be generated to invite people to join in whatsapp groups
  • To generate the invitation link go to group info (three dots on top right corner)->add participant->invite to group via link
  • This invitation link only can be generated by group admins
  • Share that link on other social media sites, within whatsapp groups, send as sms or any textual format so others can directly join whatsapp groups
  • Now you can add bigger emojis, doodles and text on videos too
  • Now you can pick brush sizes, text sizes and colors by just dragging horizontally and vertically
  • To increase the size of the brush, first select the doodle option then drag to your left on the color picker
  • To change the Text size or text color, first select the text option then drag to your left on the color picker
  • Now the normal emojies we used in chats also got a updates
  • These emoji will look bit like iPhone emoji’s
  • The new emoji’s appear bigger than earlier emoji’s to express the feeling more freely


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