Whatsapp Super Update ~ Adds Features Like Doodle, Stickers and more


WhatsApp, the single IM that has been utilized by billions around the globe, has getting another huge upgrade which permits users to accomplish more with photographs. Now the whatspp users can have more fun with images while sending to their friends.

These features are works on specially images, when you click a photograph, or pick one from gallery of existing pictures and photographs, you add more things to make fun of or tell something along with the picture before sharing it. When you click another photo or browse the current gallery, you can see that a couple of new devices are added to the window. These incorporate doodling, including content and embedding emojis to the photograph itself.



At the point when on the photograph sharing mode, earlier users could just include a subtext or caption to it. In any case, now you can likewise include overlays of emojis furthermore draw with a pencil on the photograph furthermore include your own particular content specifically on the photograph. The features is accessible on the top side of the photograph window. Icons are accessible on the top include undo button, crop, emoji, content and doodle (or draw). the bad thing is, you can’t increment or decrease the size of the emojis or the content you add to the photographs. Erasing the emojis or the content is pretty easy and truly straightforward—essentially tap and hang on them and drag it to the upper left corner of the window where a  recycle bin symbol is accessible.

The new features were incorporated into variant 2.16.260 beta and higher, and not yet accessible publicly. It is just accessible to beta analyzers. the beta version presently available for Android and iOS platforms.


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