Why iPhone Should Get Updated Regularly

Why iPhone Should Get Updated Regularly

Do you know Why iPhone Should Get Updated regularly? Apple IOS 8 is quite annoying as Adobe Flash regarding its software updates. The newest IOS 10.1 Update is loaded with quite a few goodies for iPhone and iPad users who want to keep their devices up to date.

Many users might find that updating their device is time-consuming and quite troublesome and might have several questions like Why should i update my iPhone? What are the reasons to update my iPhone? But those who know the importance of updating their device will definitely update their device whenever they get the chance.

Here, you have to check this boruto naruto next generations for getting latest stuffs about technology. For all those users who don’t know why they should update their iPhone immediately, here are a few reasons that will change your mind and these reasons might be enough to answer the question on everyone’s mind, why should i update my iPhone software?

CarPlay Gets Better

After the recent update, Apple users with newer-model cars or for those who have installed fantastic aftermarket stereos in their vehicle will get an amazing surprise when they drive. CarPlay is now wireless, and there is no need to keep your iPhone plugged into a USB port.

CarPlay works similar to the way Airplay does with Apple TV and wireless speakers. CarPlay, the user interface is beamed into the car’s head unit. Now, it would be a dream come true for many users, if only Apple did something about the high price of CarPlay compatible systems.

Siri Sounds Better

Siri has relaxed recently; iOS 8.3 made some changes to the way she speaks. The geniuses at Apple gave her a better tone, a much more conversational tone. Even though her words are the same, it’s good to see the subtle touch that they made. It makers her corny jokes can be called almost funny too!

Along with Siri, the map apps turn-by-turn also has been improved along with the pronunciation of the street names.

Wi-Fi Makeover

No matter how big the software update is, there are always a few who are left out, some unexplainable bugs to be exact. With iOS 8, many users experience unsteady internet connectivity issues. This also includes signal degradation and repeated password requests. There are some reports of a user who got so frustrated that he outlined all the problems online using the word WiFried.

When Apple heard these complaints, they addressed the issue where devices disconnect from Wi-Fi networks. They even provided a solution for the repeated password requests. The password problem can be quite crazy as the repeated requests make you wonder if you’re getting your password wrong.

But the issue of Wi-Fi cannot be entirely solved by using Patches. It also brings customers who use Wi-Fi calling to a point where they switch to T-Mobile subscribers.

Family-Friendly Sharing

Family sharing was released with iOS 8, and iOS 8.3 to iOS 10.1 helps clear out some bumps. The update fixed a problem where some apps wouldn’t open on certain members’ devices. It also patched an issue that was responsible for blocking iOS family devices from downloads free apps which were already downloaded on another gadget owned by the family.

Many parents will be quite delighted to hear that the update made “ask to buy” notifications more reliable letting account holders grant permissions on App Store. iOS 10.1 lets parents set their children’ phones to filter messages from people who aren’t in their contacts. It is an excellent security tool for making sure that strangers aren’t talking with their children.


Apple added more than 300 emojis to its iOS Keyboard. Apple’s didn’t stop with making earthling emoticons; they even made a secret Vulcan salute emoji. Apple added a smiley face for everyone irrespective of the diversity in their ethnicity.


Apple released the “important security update” to an active malware threat that is used for reading texts, emails and recording calls which also include WhatsApp and Viber calls. It can track your location and turn on your camera and microphone.

This threat sounds quite invasive. So, it is quite important to update your iPhone to keep your phone’s security in check.

How to update your iPhone

There are two methods to update your iPhone. The best way is to update your iPhone using iTunes.

Update Device Wirelessly

  1. If there is a message that says an update is available, then tap the Install Now button. You can also follow these steps
  2. Before starting the update, make sure that there your device is plugged into a reliable power source and that there is a steady Wi-Fi connection. Open the settings tab, click on general and navigate to the software update button.
  3. Tap Download and start installing. If a message requests access to remove apps because iOS needs more space for the update. Tap Continue. iOS will reinstall the apps that it removed if you tap cancel.
  4. To update now, tap install. If you tap later then, there are two cases. If you choose the Tonight button, then the iOS will install automatically overnight. If you opt to click remind me later, then there will be a reminder later, and then you can update your device.

In any case that you feel updating your device wirelessly is a risk, and then you can always update the old fashioned way, i.e., using the iTunes method.

Updating Device Using iTunes

  1. If you can’t update wirelessly on your iPhone, then you can update using iTunes on a computer. Make sure that your computer is connected to a steady Wi-Fi or Ethernet network before you start the update.
  2. Before you update your iPhone, make sure to have the latest version of iTunes on your computer. If you don’t have the latest version, then make sure to update your iTunes before you install the update for your iOS device.
  3. After installing the latest version of iTunes, connect your device to the computer.
  4. Open iTunes and select your device.
  5. Click Summary on Device Tab and click check for updates.
  6. Click Download and wait for the update to finish downloading before using your iOS device.


To make sure your device is working properly and is completely secure, and then you should always make sure that your device is up-to-date. Installing updates remove any bugs that are present in the previous version of the iOS.

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